Thursday, July 2, 2015

Around Our House

I keep going to my blog and wondering why there are no updates. I guess that's my job. I think about blogging, but just don't seem to find the time.

David was out of town the other night, so the kids and I all had a sleep over in my king size bed. It actually wasn't too bad. Emily slept sideways on the foot of the bed and the boys and I were at the top. It's a good thing my kids are little. Enjoy it why they are still little, right?

We did our patriotic visit at the rest home. It went well. Our audience was smaller than normal since Bingo was going on down the hall. I mean, how can we compete with that? But, the kids did great.

Em and her friend, Ava, played a duet since they were both playing the same song. It turned out great.

Ok, now it's finishing up work and back to packing. We head out for our trip tomorrow and my Mom comes up to watch our dog and I have a million things to do. We are doing our trip in reverse order this year, Canada first then Idaho. And that's about as crazy as we get around here.

Stay tuned for 13 days of picture overload!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you , thank YOU! Now Grampie will get off my case at least for a day or so,... Can hardly wait for the overload... that should make everyone happy. Thanks especially for the video. Did Emily know that song they were playing is one of Canada's anthems. I thought it was fitting since yesterday was actually Canada Day. Actually the song is God Save the Queen(King)and was most often used as the national anthem at the close of a performance and Oh Canada was at the beginning but in 1980 Oh Canada became the official national anthem.... I know too much info. Anyway I hope all goes well on the trip and we are looking forward to following along from here in Florida. ☼