Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Time

I love summer. Slow mornings, lazy days, it's awesome.

But, I don't want my kids to get stupid, so we do "enrichment hour". They hate it. Basically, a little math, reading, journal writing, and when I'm feeling especially evil, some timed math facts. Nothing says summer fun like doing 50 multipacation problems in 2 minutes, right? I make them do P.E. everyday too. Gosh, I'm evil.

Today, I decided to break it up and let them do Science class instead. They had to work together and do Snap Circuits for an hour. That was fun. Last week, we did Home Ec in addition to enrichment hour. We made pasta salad, cole slaw, salsa, egg rolls and banana bread. They actually did pretty good helping. Well, this picture was taken right before Ben threw shells and all in the bowl. Oh, vay.

I also make them do laundry and vacuum the floors. It'll be a summer to remember that's for sure. Today, I was helping them sort the clothes since I needed it done asap and found this:

So, no worries, they are still having plenty of fun.

And thank goodness for good friends. I was 15 minutes from my house about to run my errands today when I realized I left my purse at home. Ugh, a 30 minute round trip drive to go get it. But, I was talking to my friend, Dakri, and she just left the bank by Fry's. She's so sweet, she looped around and got me $100 cash from the ATM. I met her at Dollar Tree since we were both going there. I felt so strange having cash. We just charge everything and pay it in full every month. But, I did my shopping with my twenties rolled in my pocket. I was on a very strict budget since we are camping and I needed money for salami or the boys would boycott. Luckily, I made it home and still had $40 and some change. I also got the boys these:

$2 from the Dollar store and they were happy for hours!

Now, to get packing for another camping trip. We were supposed to go with friends, but they all had to cancel due to other things. We almost canceled, but we are going...alone. We've always gone with other families, so I've never had to worry about little things. If we forget something, we could always borrow from someone. We are on our own this time. I hope I got my stuff together.


Linda said...

Looks like a great start to the summer activities! :) Though I confess, I never made Sarah do school work, lol, but we did always do summer reading, which she still does to this day.

I can't believe it's June already. It's different when the kids are grown for sure, but still, my mindset is summertime and thinking towards coming events and making time for lots of fun.

Have a great camping adventure. I'm still -0 on the camping. Someday perhaps...
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where this blog has been hiding but I just saw it last night along with your camping trip ones on f/b. I am so glad you are able to keep the kids entertained w/o all their technology... It will pay off!( I think so at least) Heck they are learning to cook, clean and do laundry as well as their time tables and reading and writing, and spend time outside.
What more is there?
It looks like a perfect life to me. :)
Hope the weekend weather cleared up.