Sunday, June 21, 2015

Music Camp / Father's Day / Covenant Men

I'm catching up for the week, so here it goes.

Em had music camp for three days last week. It was themed and she had so much fun.

First was 50's day. This ended up being Emily's favorite era. While I was fixing her hair and tying the scarf, she said, "Did you wear this in the 50's?". Um, sweet child, I was born in 1973!
music camp3

One of our neighbors has an old car, so he brought it over for pictures at the end of the day. Super fun!


Then, it was 70's day. This was either hippie or disco. We went hippie since we don't have any gogo boots around. Who am I kidding, I have gogo boots, but they aren't Em's size! But, look at my girl. She is stunning. She was made for headbands and crimped hair. Gorgeous.
music camp2

Then, it was off to the 80's. Now, this decade, I was alive for. So, I was trying to get her to do huge hair and lots of bracelets and color in her hair. But, Em is modest and just wanted minimal 80's. There was nothing minimal about the 80's, but that's my girl, and that's okay.
music camp 1

Today was Father's Day. I walked out of the bedroom, grabbed David's gift bag and my camera and was ready to celebrate. Um, my camera doesn't work. What???? It would turn on, but I was getting an error and the flash wouldn't come up. It wouldn't even snap a photo! No!!!!!!!!!! We went ahead with gifts and cards with my little point and shoot.

I always struggle since David's birthday is a week before. I never have enough gift ideas. But, we went minimal and David's fine with that. The kids filled in some funny Q and A's about Dad.



Then, we headed to church for David's Covenant Men ceremony. Basically, he's been in a men's group at church for a year. Each month, he had to read a book and fill out a workbook and do lots of soul searching. It's about being a better husband, father, and man in general. He spent so much time on this, and I'm so proud of him.

Each man is given a sword and plaque. Here are the swords. This would be the only decent photo I take with this camera.

Oh, here's David walking through the swords on his way to the stage. Ugh, dang you point and shoot. His picture was on the screens too, which I missed when we were there, but I can kind of make it out now.

Ugh, I miss my expensive camera.

Ugh, lighting, you always mess with me.

We got home and I was able to get the camera to work, but the flash doesn't work. I know any good photographer doesn't even use the flash on the camera. But, I'm not a good photographer. So, I am going to buy an external flash and pray that fixes the problem.

But, I did get these nice photos of David.

And Ben liked the sword. It's a real sword, so it is getting mounted on the wall or something since the kids would play samarai and kill each other with it.

Then, I made David chocolate cake and lasagna. I hope he had a good day. He truly is such a wonderful father. I know everyone says that, but seriously, I had the best Dad growing up (still do! Love you Daddy) and it's no wonder that I married an amazing man who became an unbelievable Dad.

We are so lucky.

Speaking of lucky, the kids are going to camp at church this week. Monday through Thursday 9-3. Lucky me! :)



Linda said...

This is a beautiful post. So proud of David and his accomplishment at church. I'm familiar with that program and it's wonderful that he took part in this. :)

Loved all of the photos and how fun to have different themes for music camp. That's awesome. Hope you get your camera flash problem figured out. I brought just my iphone to the Mumford & Sons concert and while we got some ok photos of us there, I kept saying - if I would have brought my little Nikon with the zoom, I could have gotten some GREAT photos because the setting was really beautiful with the lake and city skyline. Although small cameras were allowed, I didn't want to have to hold onto it the whole time.

Hope you have a nice week.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful pictures. Too bad about your camera.I don't suppose it is anything as simple as a battery??? Like Linda , we too are proud of David's achievement with the Men's group. I believe it is something he was committed to and enjoyed. I agree get that sword up high as both your kids would probably love to get their hands on it, so much more substantial than those plastic ones they've had over the years. Hope you enjoy your week of relative quietness. I know you'll miss it and be waiting for them to get home each day. LOL!