Thursday, May 14, 2015


The last two weeks of school is chaos. I try to take it day by day, but I'm drowning.

The past two nights, the kids had their music concerts. Noah and Ben were one night. The next night was the higher grades, so Em had hers then.

Here are pics of them all dressed up.

Then, I tried to get all three. The three of them never turn out well. Someone always has a dorky smile and someone else is looking away and someone else is hunched over.

Here's Em the next night dressed up.

And, I fail again. Oh well, they are still cute.

The them of the boys night was a very silly concert.

Noah's Kinder class sang C is for Cookie and Do Your Ears Hang Low.

Ben's class sang the them from Adam's Family, Gilligan's Island and The Flinstones.

The teacher wrapped up the concert and then realized they didn't come back to the ending of Gilligan's Island. So, it started back up again.

Emily's night was a tribute to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. We heard everything from Hendrix to The Beatles to U2. I love their music teacher. Emily's class sang No Fun by The Stooges, Danny Says by The Ramones and Good Riddance by Green Day.

It was a great and busy couple of days! We are in the home stretch. Five days of school left.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! They're getting so big! Ben has so much hair! Great singing, snapping, clapping, marching, performing. I'm not sure Emily enjoyed being in the front, but she did great! Fun concerts, for sure! Hang in there, the crazy end -of-year stuff is almost over! Love to all!

Anonymous said...

Oh those three are so cute even if they are all looking in different directions at the same time. Lol!Having been to a couple of their concerts in the past I felt right at home watching their songs. Ben was especially more lively than I have ever seed him... and he does look so cool with his new hair do!One week to go. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

That should be seen not seed. Sorry about that. ;)

Linda said...

They are all so cute!!! :)

Love, Linda