Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Assemblies and Friends

The week is winding down and the school year is wrapping up. Today was filled with the kids assemblies and Noah's kindergarten graduation. The cutest was off the charts. Noah was in the back row and sure enough, this girl who is a foot taller than him was right in front. I mentioned it to his teacher and she very sweetly moved him. She rocks!




And this is Noah and his best friend, Levi. They became great friends this year and plot to go over each others house everyday.

I wasn't planning on bringing Noah home after his assembly but lots of parents were, so he wanted to come home. Whatever, grades are turned in. Who cares? So, we came home and I made him his favorite....Taylor Swift pancakes.

This is Ben and his best friend, Andrew. They are like two peas in a pod. They worked on this moray eel project and got to present it together the other night.

Ben got Principal's List, which is all A's. He also go in to the million word club. 11 kids in the entire school read over a million words. Only two were third graders. The rest were all 5th and 6th grade. Ben was one of the kids who did it. I'm so proud of him and love that he loves to read. This doesn't even count all the comic books he reads. They have to take a quiz on the book and pass with 80% or better for the book to count towards their reading goal. Comic books don't count. Well, they do to Ben!


Emily got Principal's List, again all A's. I'm so proud of her. She works hard and if she doesn't do well on an assignment, she'll do it again to improve her grade.


This picture isn't the greatest as Emily was like "Aw, Mom, don't take a picture." But, I did anyway, because that's what us Moms do. I'm just like my Mother. :) This is the first year that I feel like Emily really developed some strong friendships. She always had friends, but she could take or leave them. She really loves this group of girls, and it's sweet to see their friendship grow.




Linda said...

Awww! Great photos!
Brings back so many good memories for me, not that I've forgotten them because as a Mom, you never forget those wonderful times. :)

Though Sarah never had Kindergarten/preschool graduations (she didn't do preschool), but there were all sorts of awards ceremonies during those fun years.

I'm sure you have fun summer plans! I guess our summer has technically already begun since Sarah has been out of college for a couple of weeks now, but it's feeling like Fall here this morning again.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

That was great to see all the pics and videos from the past few days. If I remember correctly today was there last day of school. Yeah for all their accomplishments. Two on the Principal's Honor Roll ( list) and one in the millionaire club and one finished with kindergarten.. Quite an accomplishment there Mom and Dad , Emily, Ben and Noah congrats on all your hard work. You see it does pay off. :)