Sunday, April 26, 2015

Taylor Swift Pancakes and Other Stuff

Ben's third grade class won a recycling challenge at school, so they got a park day to help plant trees and stuff. They also got a tree to take home. That's the tree next to his left hand. It's about 2 inches high. I'm going to take a picture as him and the tree grow, providing I don't kill it first. The tree, not Ben.

Noah is OBSESSED with pancakes lately. I made him some the other day. He likes the little silver dollar ones and then he just picks them up and dips them in syrup. I made some silver dollar and then what I call penny pancakes for fun. They are super tiny, the size of a penny. Noah, said, "Oh, they are so cute, just like Taylor Swift." Now, he asks for Taylor Swift pancakes. That's what he had for dinner tonight.

The kids made obstacle courses with every cushion and pillow in the house. Then, they built a fort. They probably played with all of this for about 8 hours this weekend. It's been rainy, can you tell? I'm glad they can amuse themselves with each other and cushions for hours and hours.

I have to write down a few things the kids said this week that just made me laugh.

I gave Ben a pair of 8 slim pants as all of his pants were dirty. He put them on and he claimed they were tight in his crotch area. I told him they looked fine and would stretch out. To which he told me, "They are going to mess up my agility." What 9 year old says that? Ben.

So, this may not be appropriate, but it's hysterical. It's no secret around here that Noah likes boobs. Some guys like legs, some like butts, Noah likes boobs. This was our conversation:

Noah: Why do you have boobs and other girls don't?
Me: Because I'm older. Girls get boobs when they are around 10. Emily is starting to get boobs. All girls get boobs.
Noah: So, Jasmine and Benna (in his class) are going to have boobs one day?
Me: Yes.
Noah: Nice. (with a big smile on his face)

I tell ya, there is never a dull moment around here.


Linda said...

Oh my dear, so many things to laugh and smile about!!! Those kids of yours are priceless! : )

One thing I had to mention - the itty bitty pancakes. When Sarah was growing up and I was making her pancakes, I always first made the littlest ones I could make and I would bring them into her as she waited in her bedroom and always said "Here you go - because you're really hungry," and she'd always thank me and smile or laugh. It was just our thing that we always did and I still do that from time to time even now, though I rarely make pancakes anymore.

Hope you have a wonderful week.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the update . Loved the pictures of Ben and Noah and the stories that went with them. I remember Alisa and David used to love piling and playing with stacks of pillows also. When they were young we had sectional living room furniture and they used to turn it upside down to make forts and such. I guess it must be a natural inclination for kids .... or maybe it runs in the blood with Dad's instigation???
Like Linda, wishing you a happy week. The countdown to summer is on. ☼