Saturday, April 11, 2015

Salad Anyone?

Today, David and I tackled the backyard. We had been neglecting it for 6 months and the leaves from the Fall had sat there about as long as we could take. It was a big job and we worked great as a team and filled up our huge garbage can with yard clippings. I like that. It makes me happy to throw stuff out.

Noah was "helping". Then, he came inside for a bit. Then, when he came back outside he showed us his salad he made.

Yep, that would be some leaves from the yard. Then, he added about the entire bottle of crushed red pepper flakes and some vinegar.

My first reaction was OMG, don't eat that! He was so proud of himself. Can you imagine if he would've tried a spoonful? We'd still be scraping him off the ceiling it would've been so hot


Anonymous said...

I am truly laughing out loud! This reminded me so much of a time when I was in 10th grade and i was looking after Jimmy who at that time was about 3 or 4 years old.I was doing something in my room and wondered why Jim was so quiet. Lo and behold he was trying to bake a cake, but he was using a multi gallon pot as a mixing bowl and had used a whole 10 pound bag of flour, a 5 lb bag of sugar, a whole can of cocoa and a gallon of milk ... All I can say was what a mess! Not to mention he had completely depleated Mom's baking supplies. No bicuits for dinner that night for sure. Of course no need to mention how much trouble I got in as a result!
Anyway glad Noah didn't eat his salad and also glad you got the yard all ready for spring.A productive day for sure.

Linda said...

Noah is so cute and I love the Jimmy story, G.
;) Guess that's why he still says that he can't cook, lol, but he can do a whole host of other things well, so that's okay. :)

I've been working every day in a similar way on our front and backyard and am now planting some shrubs today.

Love, Linda