Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vacation, Day 6

I meant to put this picture on here yesterday, but it was late and I was tired and it got lost somewhere.

When we were leaving Universal, we went by Hard Rock cafe on the way through City Walk. It had a huge Eddie Van Halen guitar out front and I knew my sister would have loved that. I wish she could've come here as an adult and seen the Marilyn Monroe impersonator they had and that big guitar.

We headed to the beach this morning and even though everyone was headed for the water, my husband had to instigate a splashing fight. He's a big kid.

The cute pair of dolphins were back. How lucky was this guy? They literally followed him for 10 minutes.

Ben started rolling down the hill in the sand towards the water.

He just kept going.

When he got to the water, he got up and ran in.

The waves were great today and even Ryan couldn't resist.

Or me...

Dakri and Noah flew a kite.

Oh my gosh, those curls. She could be on Downton Abbey.


Noah tried to feed the birds again, but couldn't resist 3 year old stale Kix.

Oh my g o s h. That's what Noah says.

I tried to get a pic of the three kids....

Ben is sensitive to light, so I told him to look up.

Not quite what I meant Ben.

We have one more beach day tomorrow and then a travel day home. We really had the best time this week.

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Linda said...

Everything looks great, though I'm not adventurous in the water at all and waves scare me, lol, so I stay right next to the shore wading. I really am a big wimp when it comes to lots of things. ;)

How warm is the water and what are the air temps there?

Where we're going in one week, it might be in the 70s (but more likely the 60s during the day) so the water temps will likely be pretty cold and they only have an outdoor unheated pool. It's been very cool along the gulf coast of Alabama/Florida, and just recently warming up, but it will still be nice to be there for a week.

Have a great day today.
Love, Linda