Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vacation, Day 6, Part 2 (Sunsets, Selfies and Photobombs)

So, I did the last post thinking we were done for the day. But, not quite...

Our friends met some friends for dinner. Don't they look nice...

We've been here for almost a week and haven't seen a sunset. We are about 8 houses from the sand, but there are several two stories blocking our view. Tonight, since it was just our family, I said, let's see the sunset and off we ran. Literally, ran. There wasn't much time left.

I tried to give my kids a quick lesson on finding the light (which I learned from America's Next Top Model). Emily gets it.

Ben....not so much...

Heck, Ben just needs to find the camera.

Noah, um, he found the light, but he looks like a howler monkey.

Candid is good.

Not bad of the three of them.

I tried to take a mini photo session of Noah. He has 1,000 expressions.

Then, he decided to swim for me...

Then, it was Ben's turn. The key with Ben is to take 100 photos and one will be good.

And my pretty girl. The ocean air does wonders for her hair.

Ok, on to selfies. If I had $1 for every selfie we've seen taken on the beach, we could pay for this vacation. No lie. I liked this guy. He tries the straight on, no smile first.

Then, decides he looks angry and has two chins. So, he moves the phone up, goes for the two hand steady approach and a smile. Well done selfie man.

And this girl...I'm at the beach rockin' my side pony.

As for us, we prefer to kick it old school with some good old fashioned photo bombs.

This is the teenager bomb.

This is the 40ish Dad acting like a teenager.

The unintentional sister doing a cartwheel bomb.

And the "this picture would be perfect if your brother wasn't running around behind you" bomb.

Tomorrow is our last full day of fun in the sun. We are going to pack it with all the best that the beach has to offer!


Linda said...

Oh my goodness, I love this post. I actually laughed out loud right here at my desk in the office. Your comments are so funny, all of them, but especially about the selfies. ;)

Hopefully I'll get some good sunrise and sunset photos beginning on the 22nd, because where the beach in Alabama is situated you get both. I just hope for good weather as they're having tons of rain there right now.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Saw your first post earlier but glad I waited to make my comments. All of the pictures are great and I am so glad you are all having such a fun time. The one of David photo bombing with half of his leg missing is great, and you even managed to get a couple good ones of our little man that doesn't really like to be caught smiling. Noah's photo shoot was great and Emily as always is so beautiful. By now your last day is almost over and the ride back to Az will take most of the day tomorrow. But I am so thankful for all the time and energy you put forth to keep us up to date on a daily basis.
Lots of love,
Safe travels tomorrow.