Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vacation, Day 4

We started the morning by making a nice breakfast of waffles, bacon, eggs and sausage. We also set the smoke alarm off. Dak fanned it to try to make it be quiet. We did not start a fire. The bacon was just smoking.

I love these boys. They are so cute. I wish I could hear what they were saying.

We brought a shovel from the house to dig a big hole. We didn't get very far.

I was trying to catch a good candid photo of Ben. He's letting his hair grow out.

I cleaned out the pantry a few months ago and found some cereal that expired over a year ago. Obviously, no one is eating it. So, I put it aside for the birds. Noah loved feeding the birds last time. Him and Alanah started feeding them. I put the Kix cereal in the chip bag so he could feed them easier.

Then, Noah decided it tasted good. Oh vay.

He's so cute.

His hair is getting longer too and OMG, those curls. I didn't even know he had curls.

Ben just wanders around the beach. He never goes too far, but he's here, there and everywhere.

We're all out in the water catching waves. There was hardly anybody there today.

I wish I could be in his brain.

And his brain.

And this is a beautiful site. My husband coming back with lunch! The adults are getting lunch out while we are at the beach. There are so many good restaurants around here.

I hit the waves in the afternoon.

Dak and I are professional boogie boards now.

It was a super fun day! Tomorrow is Universal Studios.


Linda said...

You're so cute : ) Love all of the photos and looks like fun.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures. I forgot to mention yesterday that I love Ben's grown out locks. He suited the short hair so much that I never ever expected to see it any other way, but it really looks cute to see him with longer hair and of course I already told you many times I like Noah's grown out locks as well and who would have known he might have curls. :)All three of them are beautiful even though we don't manage to see too much of Emily since she is off doing her own thing, some of the time.But happy that she wants to be back with the family after a while. Anyway it truly does look like a nice vacation for all. Hope the lines at Universal are not too too long. Looking forward to more pics.