Monday, March 9, 2015

Vacation, Day 3, Knott's Berry Farm

Today, we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm.  I haven't been there in about 30 years, and my kids and David have never been.

As soon as we got there, we saw Charlie Brown.  My kids are huge Charlie Brown fans, but Noah was afraid of him.  But, Ben jumped in for a photo.

Then, Emily headed off with our friends since they have two older kids who wanted to ride the big roller coasters.  David and I took the kids to Camp Snoopy.

We thought it would be all kiddy rides.  We hope on this roller coaster first.  It was like teacups on a roller coaster.  Seriously, you were on a roller coaster and the carts spinned around and around.  In hindsight, it was a 4 out of 5 on the scary scale.  We didn't see that until after the ride.  David was done for the day after 5 minutes in Camp Snoopy!

Then, Ben and Noah rode some little airplanes and David and I took some photos while they waited.  

This one went up and down and Ben thought it was going to be a wussy wide.  Not so!

This was David's second ride.

Ben was really kind of at an in between age.  He didn't want to go on the crazy roller coasters, but he didn't want to spend all day going in circles on airplanes.  He still had fun though which doesn't surprise me in the least.  Ben can have fun anywhere.

This ride was totally fun.  They lay down like Superman.

Then, we texted with our friends who said Em was done like dinner.  There was no wait all day, so they road crazy coaster after crazy coaster.  So I went to get her.  This was the ride she chose to sit out on.   I don't blame her.

She liked some of the little rides in Camp Snoopy.

This was Noah's favorite ride.  The cars bounced up and down.

Then, we went on the ferris wheel.  They look exactly alike in this photo.

David's third and final ride.  

Then, we met up with our friends for lunch.

After, Dakri took Ben and Emily and Alanah on this roller coaster.  That's a good friend that rides the roller coaster with your kids after lunch because your stomach can't do it.

Ben found this awesome sign!  He'll have to make one in shop class one day.

Dak and I with some ladies.

Then, we went on the two water rides.  The husbands didn't want to go.  We were soaked at the end. Then Ryan and Dakri took our kids to another ride called the Pony Express.  Oh vay, this looks painful.  

Noah was bored at that point and wanted to ride something, so we went on the bumper cars.

It was the sweetest thing.  Noah was too small for one of the water rides.  Dak and I took the other kids.  We got off and Noah had picked some pretty red flowers for me.  He is the sweetest.

Then, Dak and Ryan took the kids on this old wooden roller coaster that pretty much did them all in.  It was time to go.  But, only after one last photo.  We let Noah get a souvenir and he picked this Linus.  Oh my, he's so cute.

Then, the boys got thrown in jail.

It was such a great day.  The weather was perfect.  The park was virtually empty.  The lines were about 2% of what you find at Disney.  We walked right on to almost everything.  It was great.  Knott's lacks in the ambiance that you find at Disney, but at $35 vs. $100 for a ticket, it was a great option and we'd definitely go back.  Emily asked, "Is there any indoor rides?"  Nope, this isn't Disney.  The rides don't have a theme and a story.  It's just straight up rides.  But, boy, it was fun.

We came home, threw some burgers on the grill and got in the hot tub!  Tomorrow is a beach day, and there is nothing I'd like to do more.


Linda said...

Great photos! Glad you're having so much fun. :)

Jim and I don't do rides. I never really have - I'm a woos about all things scary or that have great motion. But Sarah, on the other hand, has always loved them, so she's always had to bring someone with her to ride and honestly, Jim and I have never been to a theme park with her except for Disneyworld. She's done all of the Great America trips on her own with friends which works for me. ;)

Enjoy your beach day!

Here - it's RAINING and I've never been so happy. We haven't seen rain since last fall which means, it's WARM. 60 degrees here today and that's way above normal for March, so we went from freezing to warm in a week. Pretty much Illinois weather.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well nothing like a day at your own "private amusement park". It looks like there were lots of fun and exciting rides. It certainly must have been nice to not have to wait in hour long lines
Glad you all had fun. :)