Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Umbrellas, Ammonia and DST

I asked the boys to refill my water for me last night and they came back with it filled up with an umbrella. How sweet is that?
I finally took Noah to the doctor today. His cough seemed to turn the last few days and he's been running a fever for awhile. And he has a slight case of pneumonia or as noah says, "I have ammonia". he's on an antibiotic. 

So, the thing that I'll get to do Saturday night in California is daylight savings time. I've never done it. I thought it was great since I'd get an extra hour of sleep. But, my aunt and cousin told me that I lose an hour. What?  That freakin stinks. Seriously an hour of my life that I'll never get back. Like ever. I'm mad. 


Linda said...

Wow, Daylight Savings Time! lol, something I've been experiencing all of my life and I still can't understand why we do it. I mean, what would actually happen if we didn't change the clocks - I think they should do away with it. Funny story is that my Mom said her Dad never changed the clocks; he refused to. He was a farmer in Southern Illinois and lived by his own schedule.

I'd love to live by my own schedule full time. ;)

The umbrella water drink is so cute and hope that Noah is well soon! ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry about Noah's pneumonia. I hope with the meds, he'll start to feel better before the big loss of an hour of your lives. BUT, won't you get it back the next week when you return to Az.?
Anyway hope you guys have a great time in Ca.
Love, G