Saturday, March 7, 2015

Seal Beach, Vacation, Day 1

Travel days are always a little ho hum. It really isn't a long drive. It took about 6 1/2 hours and that was with 2 stops for the restroom and one fill up with gas. On the way, we passed a group of bicyclists. We knew one of the guys. He's the little brother of our friend. Last year on Valentines Day, he was in a skiing accident and is paralyzed from the chest down. He's biking with his friends using a handcycle all the way to Mexico! They are delivering some supplies and Gods word to kids in Mexico. Did I mention he is on a handbike? For 240 miles! Makes me feel a little lazy really. Can you imagine how your biceps would feel. Oh my....

I digress. We gained an hour coming here. So, the fact that we lose one hour tonight in my first ever Daylight Savings Time, is really an even wash. But, not really. Whatevs.

We got the car unloaded and everyone was hungry. I was like, grab a snack and let's go! The beach is waiting. And it never disappoints!

Noah wasn't quite as brave as the older kids.

But, he still has fun.

The water is a little cool, maybe 60 degrees. Not too bad, though, but Noah needed a little warm up time with Dad.

These three were diehards. I think they were just numb at this point.

I mean could life be any better. No, I think not.

Silly boy.

I'm not sure what Ben was doing, but him and the beach are like peas and carrots.

The girls having some blanket time.

A little soccer.

Then, while we ordered pizza, they all went swimming and in the hot tub. PERFECT!

Then, the boys went down to their man cave. Ben had made a sign for it weeks ago. He was very excited about the video games and the eating of pizza.

Day 1 was a complete success. Tomorrow is a sleep in, relax, beach day.


Anonymous said...

Great beach pictures. I was surprised to see so many people on the beach. Glad to see that everyone is having a great time either at the beach or in the pool/ hot tub. Did Josh not go on this trip? Haven't spotted him yet... Nor as Grampie would say where is Ginita? Of course he doesn't get it that some one has to be taking the pics. LOL!
Hope you continue to have a good time.

Linda said...

Lots of fun beach time for sure! :)

I'll be planning all of my Skinnytaste meals for our upcoming trip and cooking most of the meals, because no one does pizza here or anything fast food now, so it takes a bunch more planning but it's worth it to me (and for some reason Sarah does not like Pizza anymore). We had our first trip away this weekend as you know with food that was provided at the anniversary dinner, and party, and I did well. I did drink Light Becks (only 64 calories), kept it to a few drinks, and didn't even want any chips or any of the snacks that people had out. Stuck to veggies, chicken and things that I knew wouldn't blow my diet. So, that was my first "test trip" and now I know I can do well on our spring break as well.

Have a great remainder of the week! :)

Love, Linda