Sunday, March 8, 2015

Seal Beach, Day 2, Sharks Don't Frolic

Today was a beach day. We had a relaxing morning and headed for the water. David and the kids got right to boogie boarding.

Noah started off with the salami. Seriously, it's 9:30 in the morning. Whatevs.

They were catching some good waves.

My husband is a big kid.

Noah did a shadow karate dance with sticks. He was pretty amusing.

Now, last weekend, we had a movie marathon of Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaw 3 and Jaws the Revenge. My kids aren't scared and we actually kind of laugh at how fake it looks. But, it may not have been the best choice of movies before a beach vacation. So, when we saw a fin, we all freaked for a second.

The girls took notice.

Luckily, it was just dolphins. They went back and forth from the pier for well over an hour. Very fun to watch. We saw a surfer get out and she stopped to watch them. We were chatting and she verified, yes, they were just dolphins. Sharks don't frolic. She's got a point.

The boats that are all out there are so cool to watch. Apparently, there is some sort of dock strike, so all these boats are just piled up with cargo and no where to unload.

My girl looking cute.

Then, it was like 1:00 and this crazy fog moved in across the beach. We had never seen anything like that. Yes, there is fog sometimes in the morning. But, this moved in like our dust storms do in Arizona.

And before long, it looked like this. The pier is on the left, but you can't see it or any boats.

That's Ben in the water.

Now, he's the little speck on the far right.

And then, the fog moved out.

Then, all of us went in the water and boogie boarded for an hour or more. It was so fun!

It was a great beach day. We are all exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow is Knott's Berry Farm!


Piper AndTheKids said...

Your day looks heavenly, especially after the frigid temps we have been having up here!

Linda said...

I was going to ask about the boats in the water - I saw them in your first post as well and was curious. ;)

That all looks wonderful!! You're making me so excited for our upcoming beach vacation.

Glad you're having a wonderful time.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

That really did look like a shark fin out there in the water. I would have really gotten out of the water quickly( at least as quickly as I could) Funny how the fog came in and then left Hope you are having fun at KB Farm today. I did see Josh in the pics today so now I know all are present and accounted for. :)
Anyway I can see you are having lots of fun and relaxation and sand between the toes.