Thursday, March 5, 2015

Invention Fair

Today was the invention fair at school. Participation was optional. Noah's class made a bunch of new animals. Noah and his classmate made this spider turtle. 

Ben and his BFF Andrew made this cloning machine. They did awesome and I'm proud of Ben for even wanting to do it. 
Ben was bummed he didn't win a first place ribbon, but there were like 15 inventions for third grade. And how can anyone compete against Swiffer slippers? 

Tomorrow is half day and we leave for Cali first thing Saturday. I can't wait to sit on the beach. It's been 6 months since my toes were in the sand and that's about my max. I start getting cranky if I don't let my spirit align with the ocean at least every 6 months. Seriously, I start getting in a funk and I just need some ocean air. It's the perfect remedy for everything. 


Linda said...

Ahhh the science fair - I remember those well and all of the projects the parents (a'hem, I mean, the "kids") made. Jim spent hours on those with little help from Sarah. ;)

I'm so glad you get to return to the beach. I think I must be the same way because I'm always requesting an annual trip to the sea (or the lake, since Michigan is gorgeous too). Jim, on the other hand, could entirely do without sand I think - he doesn't quite share that joy, but he does like to make us happy so away we go too in just a couple of weeks. I'm glad our spring break is a bit later (another week later would have been even more helpful I think to help with the cold temps that even the far south has been having). Friends of ours traveled south yesterday and got stuck in a snowstorm on the interstate. Even where we're going (Orange Beach, AL) it's been in the 30s at night, so it has a fair bit of warming up to do, but hopefully in a couple of weeks, it might be passed that before we hit the beach!

Anyway, safe travels!!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well by the time you see this comment you will likely be well on your way to sunny, sandy Seal Beach. I hope you get your fill of sand between your toes to last another few months. :)
Loved the science projects from both boys. Ben did look a little sad, but I think from this distance at least his project showed some originality and looks well presented. Good for him and his BFF.
Anyway hope you ALL have fun in Ca. Be safe and will look for updates.