Saturday, March 21, 2015

A New Level of Cheap (but fabulous)

A new Goodwill store opened in our town a few months back. I went in once and got overwhelmed and left. I couldn't handle the endless racks of stuff. Our other Goodwill that closed before this one opened, I couldn't even walk in there. I couldn't take the smell. This one doesn't smell. Not yet anyway.

Before vacation, I decided to try to find some cute capri pants and ventured in again. I was shocked. They had so much nice stuff. Racks and racks, very well organized and for about 10-20% of what I'd pay new. I found a super cute pair of capris by Apt. 9, which is a Kohl's brand. Normally, those run $30-$40, and I paid $8. Sweet! I also went online the other day to buy my annual summer stash of 5 t-shirts from Target and it was so boring. I think I own every t-shirt Target makes. Boring, boring, boring!

See, the thing with our town is we don't have a whole lot of choices in clothing. We have a Target, Walmart, Kohls and a few odd and end stores in the mall. What I loved about Goodwill is you go to your size and there are about 100 pairs of jeans. Everything from Old Navy to Ann Taylor to Kohl's stuff to stores I've never heard of. But, you really have to have the time and energy to look through stuff. Also, all the jeans are $8. But, every other Saturday is half priced Saturday. $4 sounds better than $8 to me. So, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I needed to rope my friend Dakri into going with me.

Today was the day and boy did we score. I said we hit a new level of cheap. We are not only shopping at Goodwill, but we are going on half priced Saturday! But, you know, if I can look good, spruce up my wardrobe and pay pennies, then yea for me!

We walked in and right in front is the "higher end" items. I'm glad Dakri was with me because I would have skipped over a few things. It's nice our daughters aren't the same size and her and I aren't the same size, so we aren't fighting over stuff. Not that we would, but you know.

First up is Miss Emily. I would say she really isn't into clothes, but boy when I brought her all this home, she was super excited. I was so skeptical of buying her stuff, but I could return it if need be.

I wasn't sure about this pink dress, but after seeing it on Emily, I'm so glad I got it. It's a little big, but fits well now. She can wear it to her spring piano concert or music concert at school or for Easter. And at $3.50, the price was right!

This dress is great for Christmas, again a little big, but she isn't shrinking at this point. I like that it's not over the top ruffle, more classy. Again, $3.50.

This super cute blue shirt is by Justice and was like $2.50 I think. One Justice shirt is like $20-$40 new. It's ridiculous, who would pay that? I think it's good for when she needs to dress up a little, but not a full on dress. Our Goodwill gets clothes from their stores in Phoenix which explains some of this stuff.

I think she really liked it....

All of these shirts were like $1 - $3. This one is her favorite. You can take out the little brown belt if you want, but why would you? I looked at this, debated and kept going. Then, Dak pulled it out and I was like it's $1.50 Gina, just get it. I'm glad I did.

Emily has a green and gray shirt kind of like this that she is almost outgrowing, so when I saw this, I couldn't pass it up.

So, cute! Again, Justice brand.

Justice again and a size too big, but that's okay.

This one is more basic, but it's still nice.

Hello, ski pants! I think they are boys, but at $3.50, who cares! They're big too and will be great for the next time we see snow.

Cute shirt and for this outfit $2.50.

Some cute pink capri pants for chillin.

Lastly, a black pair of capris with a cute little decal on the pants. She was getting silly by this point.

She got 7 shirts, 2 dresses and 4 pairs of bottoms for $30.

Now for me. I typically buy jeans at Costco and I'm okay with that, but they don't do anything for me. When I saw my backside in the background of one of Dakri's vacation photos, I knew I could do better. So, that was my mission today.

Ok, first, I don't take selfies, so the first few are really bad. But, here are the best jeans that I love. The Flirt from Old Navy with a cute new top. You can't see it very well. Sorry, I'm learning, I get better as I go.

I was on the fence about this shirt, but I was determined to not get what I would normally get. It's light and pretty and screams spring.

I don't normally get shirts that say Calvin Klein Jeans in sparkles on them, but I liked it. Paired with some cute Vera Wang capris.

Ann Taylor top with Chico capris. Hello $6.50 for the outfit! I also learned to look up when you take a selfie. I looked up Chico brand when I got home. Their capris are close to $100.

A pair of Old Navy capris and I was really torn on this shirt, but in the end I loved the bright airy look. I thought I looked like Maria Von Trapp took down the curtains and made me a shirt. I don't care, I like it and I'll sing Edelweiss whenever I put it on.

Ok, now I'm a selfie master. Hip to the side, smile, hand on the waist. I got this. Ann Taylor Loft shirt and skirt. This stuff would typically be $100, again $6.50.

God, my bathroom is a mess.

All in all, it was a blast. My total came to $33, so I spent $63 total! AH-mazing. Emily was so excited she did a little video.

I didn't even look at the Men's stuff. And the boys clothes looked really worn out. Next time though, I will look for something for David. A couple new work shirts would be good.

Emily wants to go back next Saturday. I had to tell her that we have to wait for 1/2 price Saturday and we can go the following week. Although, I don't think we will take kids with us. Dak and I spent 3 hours in the store. I broke out my ponytail elastic in about 20 minutes. That's when I got serious. We learned next time bring water, a protein snack, like almonds, hand sanitizer and patience. All in all, a great morning!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You hit the mother load! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Grampie and I LOVED the Fashion Show. You certainly did a good job with that outing. Did Dak get to do any shopping or was she just there to keep you in check?? LOL! Those were some pretty good deals and in so far as we can tell most everything looks brand new. Good Job . $ Time well spent $.

Piper AndTheKids said...

A lot of our clothes, particularly the kids, come from the thrift store. My favorite days to go are Friday and Saturday because their sale is 5 items of the same color tag for $5 :p SCORE!!!!

Linda said...

I LOVE your commentary, so funny. :) When you asked "who would pay that?" ummm.... a Mom of one spoiled child would, lol. Too many times I spent too much money over the years, and then once Sarah was grown - she discovered the thrill of the hunt in the Salvation Army store (that's our good store - our Goodwill is kind of junky here). She and I used to go every so often and sometimes found some great deals. Anyway - GOOD FOR YOU!!! You got a ton of cute bargains and you (and Emily) look great!!

Love, Linda