Sunday, February 8, 2015

What a Weekend

To say that we are tired is a mild understatement. David said his muscles ache so much, he feels flu like.

So, last night we had the new sectional where it was and all was well. I listed it on Craigslist. Now, since the big purge 10 days ago, I've been selling stuff left and right on CL. Basically, over $5, I'll list and I meet people at our clubhouse a mile away. I won't go out of my way to meet anybody. In 10 days, I've sold over $300 worth of stuff, which is great.

And we sold our sectional this morning! I couldn't believe it went so fast, but the right person at the right time. It was priced right and I feel the person got a good deal and a good sofa. It sold for $450. With what we've sold in 10 days, we've already paid for our new sofa! Now, we need to sell a few more things and the loveseat will be paid for too!

So, David helped move the sectional out and then the people came for the spider dome which David had already broken down into a few pieces for them.

We have so much open space. We LOVE it! The living room now looks like this. We moved the yellow chaise lounge that the dog sleeps on to the corner. That's where Noah had his space. We called it Kiki's corner, since we call him Kiki sometimes. Emily's piano got moved over too.

The family room looks like this.

We liked the loveseat on a little angle, so it left a nice space behind it. We made it a little play place and it's now Kiki's new corner. He loves it.

We are all thrilled with the extra space. And want to keep it this way for awhile. It just feels so much more open and airy.


Anonymous said...

Looks great!

Linda said...

I love open and airy! It looks wonderful!! Good for you on the sales! :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Boy , you guys had a busy weekend. I can't imagine all that movement happened in just two days. But, then again I should be able to know you get right to it and get the job done. I know David is a good helper most of the time too. LOL!
It really does like you have lots of wide open space now. You must love it. :)
The furniture looks great. I hope it will last a good long time and be a happy addition to your home.