Saturday, February 14, 2015


Here are pictures of our new table. We told the kids were were all switching spots, which we do about once a year. Well, I always get a spot closest to the cooking area since I'm usually up and down 10 times during a meal. Emily was not happy about switching and ended up in the same spot I think. David wants the head of the table. It's been Ben's spot for a year, so someone else needs to have the head hancho chair.

My kitchen is a mess.  Stuff is everywhere. That's kind of how weekends roll around here and then I put it all together again on Monday.

The seats are firm and comfy and will be so easy to clean.

I like that the backs have an x and so do the chairs at the island.

I love the top. The wood is so pretty.

Here's our old table for reference. It's not much different. But, it's different in all the right spots.

The new table is STURDY! It's nice to have such a solid table that doesn't wiggle if you bump it. We also hate, hate, hate the microfiber. We also love that it has 8 chairs, so when company comes we have some extra room and a leaf for the table. We just cleaned up the old table, so it looks pretty good. It didn't look that good in our dining room.

So, in the past 7 days, our living room has had quiet a few changes. It went from a spider dome, to a sofa, to a table. Next weekend, we are doing nothing! Meanwhile, we could supply an entire recycling plant with all the boxes on the side of our house.

Let's hope this table goes soon! I just got it on Craigslist.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! My likey! Can't wait to eat one your yummy meals there!

Linda said...

That looks great, love your new table set!!

I think it's interesting that you change chairs at the table, lol, we've actually never done that in all of Sarah's life, so for the past 19 years, she's been sitting in the same place at the table, as have I, and Jim for most of her life as well.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Another big task accomplished. Good work! The new table and chairs looks great. For as many times as I've sat at the old table I never realized that it had black legs...(or it just the lighting?)
Now, today is the day for Ben to be spoiled rotten. I'm sure that will involve the usual Sunday morning feast and some baking on Mom's schedule. Hope everyone has a somewhat more relaxing and fun day.
Happy Birthday, Ben from G&G!
ps my mail from PV arrived last night. Thank you