Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Sunday

We don't watch football, so we spent some time at the pool.  All that's missing is some chicken wings. 


Linda said...

Looks like another perfect pool day there and here - the opposite as you probably saw on my FB. We didn't get much snow downstate - just a few inches, but Chicago got A LOT.

We don't normally watch football, but we did watch tonight, because it was fun for us to do that with Sarah and Dakota here.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Glad you found something fun to do. I wasn't sure if you would have been doing something with your friends or not. It seems to be almost like another major holiday the way people plan and have fun being together.
Anyway Noah and Ben look like they were having fun and Noah has gotten to be so brave, no noodles in those jumps!
Hope you have a good week.