Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our Weekend

My Dad is the hospital in Phoenix recovering from knee replacement surgery. He had a passing out spell this morning, but is doing well now. He's never spent the night in the hospital, so this was a big deal for him. We wish him a speedy recovery.

So, we got a new dining room table. I know, crazy. We saw it at Costco three weeks ago and loved it. I wanted to get a new sofa first. So, we got that. But, I kept thinking this table was too good to pass up. Sure, Costco will have something else next year, but this table was perfect! The right color of wood, the chairs are leatherish, not microfiber like we have now. They are a nightmare. Our current table isn't the sturdiest. This one is SOLID. It's beautiful. Since we budgeted that we could buy one or the other, the sofa was it. But, then I've sold enough stuff to pay for this table cash, so how could we let it go. We couldn't! It's not all together yet and in place, so I'll post a picture later.

Do you think the kids were impressed with the new table? Nope, they liked the styrofoam. Noah was karate chopping it for about 30 minutes.

Then Emily walks out using the styrofoam as stilts. I'm glad they are creative. I'm not so thrilled that they left little styrofoam bits all over the house. She liked that she was almost taller than me.

Tomorrow is Ben's birthday. In lieu of a biggger birthday party, I convinced him that going to a movie and lunch with his best bud was the way to go. Luckily, he agreed. So, David took Ben and Andrew to see the Spongebob movie and then they are going to Dairy Queen for chicken finger baskets. Ben's favorite. Only Ben would go to Dairy Queen and get food instead of ice cream.b He loves a Reese's blizzard though!

A few weeks ago, Ben said Noah could go too. But, he changed his mind yesterday. I get it. He doesn't want his little brother tagging along, but I felt bad for Noah. So, I told Noah that I would take him and Emily to play tennis. Noah always wants to play tennis. I'm not sure why. He doesn't really even play. But, I guess it's fun. So, we headed out this afternoon for some fun. We played some basketball and jumped on the stomp rocket.

Then, Em and I hit some balls and she did some handstands. It was a fun 45 minutes.

Tomorrow will be spent celebrating Ben and doing all the things he loves.


Anonymous said...

I've been dying to see the new table and chairs. I can see the chairs but will have to wait for the table until later. I can see the kids are having fun with the left overs. I love the outdoor pics. The sky is so beautiful and it looks like everyone was having fun. Hard to imagine Ben will be nine years old tomorrow. That time has gone by so quickly. I'm sure he'll have a special day. I hope so anyway. ♥

Linda said...

I hope your Dad is doing better!

Lots of fun otherwise.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I must have missed this yesterday, only saw the table post. Anywho, ��, looks like a fun weekend. Can't wait to hear about Ben's bday today. Love to all and please wish your dad a speedy recovery.��