Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tag, It's A Serious Sport

DAvid and the kids play tag. It's loud and screaming and crying is always involved. I stay out of it and head to the bedroom with the door shut.

It's such a serious sporting event around here, that the kids made rules and everyone had to sign. I like the upper right, in case 911. Tag can get rough around here.

Front and back. Notice the spaghetti dinner stains all over it? It's that important.

Then, after the kids get all sweaty from tag, it's time for a shower. This is Noah's hair after I fluff it with a towel.

Yep, it's a fun night in our household!


Anonymous said...

Do I see the beginnings of a contract attorney in those rules and regulations paperwork??? Hmmmm!
For a Friday night it seems like dad still had some energy left. It must have been the 4 day week.
The picture of Noah was interesting.. Could you even begin to imagine him with curly hair? Hope the weekend continues to be fun for all.

Linda said...

Fun times! :)

Completely quiet here tonight, just Jim and I and he's presently snoring on the couch while I catch up on computer things.
Love, Linda