Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Smart Cookies

I'm feeling so uninspired with blogging. I've fallen into a rut. I need to start somewhere so here it is...baby steps.

Yesterday Emily and Ben had assemblies. They both received awards.

Emily got Honor Roll. She missed Principal's List, all A's, by 1%.

Ben got Principal's List.

We are proud of them. School comes fairly easy to both of them. It doesn't take a lot of work or effort, which I guess is good. School was never hard for me either and I was happy to skate by with all A's and B's and do as little work as possible. They must get that from me. Funny, their lack of effort drives me batty sometimes, yet I was the same way. Paybacks.

I thought about not doing the blog anymore. But, I'll keep going. I know my kiddos will appreciate it one day. I need to find the little things and write about them. With my phone, ipad, and kindle, there is no reason why I can't put forth a little more effort. Oh crap, see I do it now as an adult too.

Oh, here's one. A few weeks ago Noah came to me and said, "You know those Pirates from the Pirates of the Carrots and Bean ride at Disneyland? Are they real?"

Carrots and Bean? You mean Caribbean? He makes me laugh.


Linda said...

Well I would totally miss your blog, so I hope you keep writing it. It's a nice way of keeping up to date with you all. :) That's wonderful that Emily and Ben received awards - EXCELLENT work!!

Gee, Jim and I were not that way in school, LOL. Seriously, he and I scraped by and were all together average but could have been excellent had we put forth an effort. Sarah sort of follows in the same footsteps - she can do really well (and has many times), but she also struggles to keep up if she's not interested in something. Somehow it all works out. :)

Well, it's 10 degrees here this afternoon now - it was 15, but the sun has been shining all day so it's been nice.

Until next time,
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Like Linda, I would really miss this blog... Since Linda, stopped I really don't bother checking any others anymore but I would REALLY be in deep water with Enrique on a daily basis if you didn't write your blog . As it is he asks me everyday if you sent any pics and if there is no blog I usually have to say No and on those days he starts "well you better call Gina and ..." In any case he thinks your blog is you sending him pictures. I know you have been doing it for what probably seems forever but always remember the reason you started it in the first place ... and remember Noah is only 5, so he needs at least the first 10 years like his older sister and brother.. Hmmm!
Glad the kids are continuing to do well. They have to... it is an expectation. HA!And beside Noah needs the role models... Is this comment all about Noah and Grampie and not at all about all your much appreciated effort??? I do love it and certainly enjoy all the pics as well.