Tuesday, January 27, 2015


had mentioned that Ben's room is a pit, but Noah's is worse. He has stuff everywhere. I decided to tackle it today while he was at school. I worked on it for 5 hours. At one point, it looked like this. 
7 grocery bags of trash and 4 totes for a yard sale and it looked like this. 

Emily has decided to get rid of all her doll stuff. I asked her to get together what she can and we will sell it on craigslist. The rest will go in our yard sale. She worked for about 90 minutes and was done. I was too tired to clean it up. But Noah found a baby he likes. He's sweet. 
I'm going to be busy. 


Linda said...

I remember those times; it's so much work but so worth it. Though, I confess, Sarah and I could never get rid of all of her dolls. They are all stored in boxes (along with some of my own barbies) for the future grandkids. There are many things I just cannot (will not) part with. ;)

Love, Linda

Linda said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha! looks like fun , especially the dolls.Emily might want to hold on some of that stuff.. Rachel has a ball when she comes here and gets to play with Alisa's old dolls. Of course they are mostly Barbies because all her other dolls found their ways to other recipients during her growing up years. I think the Barbies were the only ones that found their way to Florida, along with a few souvenir dolls. i.e. Anne of Green Gables etc.
Anyway there is no one better than you for cleaning up and out even though I know it is a lot of work.

Piper AndTheKids said...

My kids need another toy purge. I'm too tired :p