Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

I had a lot of stuff to get done this weekend, but I didn't get to a whole lot of it. Instead we had fun!

The pool is heated at our clubhouse, but we haven't been in for months. But, we saw people in the pool last weekend and decided to go for it. The kids didn't test the water and jumped in...

One... Two....



Little did she know it was so warm. They cover it unless people are swimming. It felt close to a luke warm bath. It was nice.

It was so nice, we went again on Sunday.

Noah got in some aerial training.

My best friend Pam came up and brought the kids Christmas presents. It was a long overdue visit. She was supposed to come at Christmas, but since I was so sick, she waited. I'm glad she did. It was much more fun when I'm feeling good.

She spoils us with presents and homemade Snickerdoodle cookies.

She always gets the kids books and pj's for Christmas. It's a perfect gift.

And how perfect are these for Emily, Up Owl Night. Yep, that's our girl!

It was a great weekend that seemed to fly by.


Linda said...

What a fun weekend!! :D The weather looks fantastic, such blue skies and pretty sunsets, and swimming in warm water - ahhhh! Love the photo of you and Pam, you're both so pretty.

Well, for me, tomorrow morning is the dreaded appointment. Jim will be there with me and please pray everything goes okay. I expect lots of pain, but I'll get through it and hoping for results that I can deal with with nothing bad. I just want it over with, then I can hopefully enjoy this last week of January (but no swimming yet - our pool has ice on top of it, lol).

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great weekend of fun! Just today before I saw your blog Grampie asked me if you guys had been swimming recently. I sort of said "yeah right" and thought what a crazy idea! Boy I guess I owe him an apology!
Love Ems P.J.'s they couldn't be more perfect even if Pam had them made especially for her.The kids looked so happy to celebrating Christmas again. Maybe once a month is a good plan. ;)
Wishing you all a great week.