Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Last winter, we had no snow. We had some flurries, but we went the whole winter without being able to make one snowball.

This winter, it seems Mother Nature is making up making up for lost time with one of the best snowfalls we've had since we've lived here. We probably got 4 inches yesterday and another 4 today. The funny thing is I have Aunts in Chicago and Nova Scotia, Canada and neither has gotten this much snow. Crazy!

Here's my overload of photos. I'm making up for last year. Speaking of which, I took out the snow pants and boots and my kids can barely fit in them. Typically, snow clothes run big, but after 2 years, my kids could barely get in them. Emily is 10 and wearing a size 6 bibs. She had to leave the shoulder straps down, otherwise, it was very uncomfortable. Ben is in a 5T and he's almost 9. His are way too short. And Noah is in a 3T. He's 5. They fit fine. I'm hitting clearance racks in a few months and buying everybody a size bigger.

Yesterday, it started coming down and the kids couldn't wait to get out there.

It started with a few flurries.

And turned to this in a few hours.

Emily was doing cartwheels. Not a surprise.

Ben in his favorite Sasquatch hat.

Noah making big snowballs, which he then threw at me.

Ben was throwing snowballs at me too. Not nice.

Even Rocko likes the snow.

And more fun...

Then, David came home at lunch before the roads got bad and finished the day working from home. I know it's just a little snow, but I think our town has 1 snow plow, so roads can get bad quickly.

David had to play first.

Seriously, my husband gets way too into throwing snowballs. Look at his nice form.

He'd throw snowballs at the wall and Rocko, who loves balls, would try to chase the ball up the wall.

Then, the kids moved to the front yard.

Ben puts his head in the door and asks me for a carrot. So, I bring a carrot and hat out, only to find he built the worlds smallest snowman.

Then, he built one for the mail lady.

More snow fun...

This morning, we woke up to a bunch of new powder. I'm not feeling so great. I have a cold and cough that won't quit. So, David took the kids to the park to sled. All of our friends were there. I love that they go and we knew like 5 families there. I love small towns.

This guy always makes a great run for the kids and puts in a bump and everything. The kids love it!

Their faces say it all. They had a blast.

The snow will be gone by tomorrow, and the kids just have a few more days of winter break. Then, it's back to the grind.


Anonymous said...

Great snow pictures. So sorry you are still suffering with the cough, cold. It is 3 weeks tomorrow since the whole thing started for me. I will admit though that I hope it is on it's way out. I started taking Coriciden( not sure of spelling) for cough and congestion when I got home and it seemed to help a lot but at the same time I had already had it for 2 weeks by that time. I just feel bad that everyone seemed to catch it.
Kids look like they had a lot of snow fun at least for 2 days and it really came at the right time( company all gone, and no school)
Grampie thanks you for all the pics. :)

Linda said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Hard to believe the snow will be gone in a day or so; it looks pretty and so much fun. : )

Here it's "Let it Rain, rain rain" because that's all we've had this winter. There was one early snowfall in October or November and it was only a dusting and was gone in a day. Apparently though, this week, just in time for me to return to work, the frigid cold is settling in and there are some snowfall chances - not great, since I'm not confident driving in it anymore. Thankfully college doesn't resume for another 2 weeks.

Love, Linda