Monday, January 19, 2015

Another Microwave and Glasses

Oh my gosh, is this actually happening again???
Why yes, it is. We are on our third microwave in 7 years. It's insane. The funny thing is we barely use it. We use it to heat water for David's oatmeal and I use it to eat my coffee about 5 times in the morning since I can usually only take 2 sips, then make the kids breakfast, take a sip, pack lunches, now it's cold, heat for 30 seconds, take a sip, go fix hair and make sure teeth are brushed, clean up kitchen, coffee is cold again, another 30 seconds. That's how every morning goes. My point is we don't cook anything in it, maybe some vegetables. But we rarely even heat up a meal in there. All of our friends in this neighborhood are still on their original Whirlpool. Life isn't fair. Wah, wah, wah. Our friends lent us their little white counter microwave from their trailer while we waited for ours to come in. They are so sweet.

David walks the dog everyday for 45 minutes. Now that the kids are a little older and can be left for a short amount of time, I've been going with him sometimes. It's nice to talk uninterrupted.

We came home from our walk the other night and Noah was watching a movie with my Dad's glasses on. He doesn't need glasses. In fact, they are reading glasses. Noah, why are you wearing Papa's glasses? And he just laughs. This kid makes me smile.


Anonymous said...

OMG Noah is so cute. Guess he wants to be like the rest of the family. When I started thinking about it I realized both you and David on occasion wear your glasses as does Emily and of course our handsome little Ben, so I guess it is kinda natural that he might like to try them also. Anyway very cute...
So the microwave went out, just as you suspected might happen. Hope the new one works better maybe the 3rd time is the charm that cures the problem. ☼
Love, G

Linda said...

Noah is so cute!! :D

Maybe it's because the microwave is over the stove. I'd heard before (on home shows) that it's not good to have it right over the stove (because of the heat/grease from the stove). But who knows, maybe it's just life. ;)

Hope you have a good week.
Love, Linda