Monday, December 22, 2014

Senior Home and David's Work Party (kind of)

It was time to spread Christmas cheer at the Senior home. This is always one of the highlights at Christmas.

Emily played a piano solo.

Noah got bored and did some modern dance or maybe just fell asleep.

Here's our big crew! Ben is hiding in the back.

We do the performance twice. The first is for the assisted living area. The second time we go to the dementia unit.

This is Oval. She's been there for the three years we've been doing this. She's is now 103, and the lady next to her is 100!

Ben got into it a little more on the second go round!

Here's our audience.

This is Lupe Rose. She's awesome. She yells out praise the Lord and fun little sayings as the kids perform. She's there every year too and always gives me a big hug. I think she remembers me and then I think, no she probably doesn't remember anything. :( She was sharing some wisdom with Ben.

I'm glad we get to do that every year.

David is a trainer now, so he doesn't really have a team of people he works with on a daily basis. His old unit that he supervised was having their work party on Friday night. It just so happens the worker that was hosting it lives right across the street. They invited all of us to go, but knowing David and his antisocial ways, he wasn't planning on going. Then, they knocked on our door and David went over with Noah and Ben. They had a snowman game and Noah was the snowman. I was dying when I saw this.

After 30 minutes, Ben came home. But, Noah had an absolute ball. He was the life of the party. I'm not sure where we got this kid.


Linda said...

Hey I saw someone I know there at the elderly home, but she doesn't belong there! ;)

It's so wonderful that you do this year after year!! What a blessing you all are!

And the snowmen - hysterical!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great pics! So great that you and the kids visit the nursing home every year. What a nice way to spread joy during the holidays! And Noah wasn't dancing, he was doing yoga - hero pose! ;) He makes an adorable snowman, too!
Auntie Pam xo