Sunday, December 14, 2014

Emily's Piano Recital

Grammie flew in from Orlando for the holidays. She wasn't here 5 minutes and Noah had her playing Knock 'em Sock 'em and dressed up as Darth Vadar.

But today, Grammie wasn't feeling great, and she missed Em's piano recital. The good news is that I took a video of the entire thing and she got to watch it like she was there. I have that video uploading to youtube, but the file is huge, so it will take awhile. But, I got lots of great pictures.

Here's my pretty girl.

And here's the four piano girls...

Here's Mrs. Stacy, their wonderful teacher.

Emily playing her songs. She did so great. I'm so proud of her. She is doing so well with piano and just blows me away.

They sang a little song at the end. Emily wasn't very into it, but she lip synch's like a champ and she certainly looks pretty.

Then, they got certificates.

And medals...

These girls are so awesome.

We have a full week ahead. I'll get the video of Emily's song added to the blog tomorrow.


Linda said...

I'm sorry G. wasn't feeling well and hope she's better now.

Loved the photos - all of the girls look so great. Emily is beautiful and very talented.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So sad that I was not able to attend the recital, but you as always were so thoughtful and recorded the whole recital from beginning to end which I got to enjoy on your gigantic tv screen sitting in "my" very comfy recliner. Thank you for all your kindness and care and putting up with my not so great health at the moment.
Emily looked beautiful and played all her selections so well. Ms. Stacey is doing such a great job with all the girls. They are all stars!