Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Spirit

This weekend was full of everything Christmas. On Friday night, we did the Walk Through Bethlehem with a bunch of friends. It's at a church in Prescott and you walk through different scenes portraying the night of Jesus' birth. I forgot my camera and took some iphone photos which weren't very good. But, my friends Mom took this one of Ben. They actually had real animals, sheep, chicken, etc. But, this one scene, they had a sheep puppet and Ben tried to feed it hay. Then, he said that there was something wrong with the sheep because he kept feeding it and it kept spitting out the hay.

Ben and Noah really get into it. Half the time, they are more fun to watch then the actors.

On Saturday, we went to Flagstaff for the North Pole Experience. We had never done it before, and I got a great deal on tickets. It's set up that you take a trolley (fancy bus) from this hotel to the North Pole. The kids were choking a penguin while we waited.

And playing in the gift shop.

Here we were going through the "portal" to get there.

Then, there are several different rooms and the kids do different stuff.

They got to help dress bears that would be used to give out to kids.

That was all fine and good. But then, they got to have a rocket fight because those elves don't like working too much. This was more Noah's style.

In this room, there were shoots that this elf would throw toys down. Then, he started throwing balls.

Each room lasted for about 15 minutes. We got to have some of Mrs. Claus' cookies and cocoa.

And there was elf school.

Then, the mailroom where we got to write letters to Santa.

Santa's huge sleigh.

Ben checking out the control room.

Then, it was was a short visit with Santa and we were dropped back off at the hotel. It was fun. The kids had a good time.

Outside the hotel, there was this Santa that the kids wanted to pose with. Funny thing was we didn't know anybody on the Nice side, but David's name was first on the Naughty side, along with my Mom (Sharon) and Aunt Pam! The kids thought that was pretty funny.

It was a long day, but I'm glad we took the kids.

This week is pretty low key, which is good because next week is a doozy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! THAT LOOKED LIKE A FUN WEEKEND? Tha pictures were great and the kids appeared to be having fun. Thanks for sharing as I was dying to see some pics from you guys!

Anonymous said...

What?! Me, naughty? Never!
Sounds like a fun weekend!
The Always Nice
Auntie Pam :)

Linda said...

That's awesome!! : )
Looks like a lot of fun.

Love, Linda