Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party

For seven years, we've had a Christmas party with our great group of friends in our neighborhood. We used to do it at someone house, but over the years, the group has gotten too big. Now, we rent out the clubhouse and it makes it way easier on everyone.

There is lots of yummy food.

We hang out and catch up with friends.

Our friend Mark read a book and told about the birth of Christ.

Then, Santa comes and the kids say Christ who? We want presents. :)

He calls each kid up and gives them a present.

Emily got a Minecraft blind box. You don't know what's in it until you open it and then, surprise! It was wrapped in a bigger box because last year she was the last person called and was almost in tears. So, Santa put it in a bigger box knowing that the little box would head straight to the bottom of his bag. Smart Santa.

Ben's turn.

He got Steve from Minecraft.

Noah's turn.

He got a ninja turtle. Shocker.

All the kids were super interested to see what Emily got in her blind box.

It was a great party, and we are so fortunate to have such great friends.


Linda said...

That's awesome that you all do this! What a wonderful time. :)

Hope you have the best Christmas ever!!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Fun, fun! The kids look so happy! Hope you had a good time with your fam for Christmas Eve. Merry, merry Christmas! I'm sure we'll catch up soon! Love you!