Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Catching Up

I have about 15 hours left in 2014, so I thought I should catch up the blog and start fresh for next year.

Here's a recap of our last 8 days.

First, I don't have any pictures, but we adopted a family for Christmas. So, on the 23rd we took presents over to the three kids and coats for the parents. We brought them a ham with all the fixings to make up a dinner. They were very appreciative and it was nice to do something that my kids will remember. It was great to see who the gifts went to and meet them.

Grammie was here from the 13-28th. Noah and her got along splendidly this visit.

We headed down to my Dad and Suzy's for Christmas Eve. Here's my Aunt Billie and cousin Mike. God love Aunt Billie. She's 80 or something like that and her memory is going. She's in great physical health though which is wonderful. This is my Mom's sister.

Here's Suzy's daughter Nikki and her two kiddos.

Tiffany and Auna.

The kids were so excited to open presents.

Here's some of the crowd.

Noah played Santa and handed out gifts. Well, for like 2 minutes, then he was over it.

He got all his gifts and was ready to go. These kids are super spoiled.

Christmas Day at our house. I really tried to scale back some this year. We just have too much stuff. Also, the kids aren't getting big things anymore like train tables and barbie mansions. It's DS games and small stuff, so that made it nice too. We had nothing to assemble. It was lovely.

I took the kids to the Dollar store to pick out gifts for us. Noah got David a zombie finger puppet. I think Noah was pretty happy about this gift.

Christmas evening, the cousins and Aunt Alisa showed up from North Carolina.

There was more gifts...

And big dinners.

Here's our deep fried turkey.

Emily and Rachel just happen to have the same shirt.

They played minecraft and other video games.

And they played outside.

Here's the gang with Grammie.

And that was Christmas! It was lovely.

Now, it's the last day of 2014, and we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow. It just started, but it's supposed to snow for 2 days! FUN!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed re-seeing the last two weeks of the month... It seems strange and I hope not indicative of "early onset something or other" but I can hardly remember some of those moments even though I was there for all of them. I am so thankful for the wonderful nursing service you guys provided me during that period of time.. It truly was THE BEST.....and I am so glad the snow held off for my departure and that now you all can enjoy it for the next few days without listening to my comments???
Wishing you all a very happy New Year :) I am definitely hoping for a better one than this past one has been for me. and as a P.S. I am really starting to almost feel normal again. I guess the 9 hours of sleep last night helped plus the fact that I can actually cough now and feel like I can breathe again . Oh enuf of this HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and once again Thanks for bringing me through the past two plus weeks of my life.

Linda said...

G. is looking good in all of the photos, and I enjoyed seeing and reading about your time. It's so nice that all of the cousins got to be together on Christmas Eve; we've never experienced anything like that in my family, but we sort of make up for it in other ways - like constant parties, lol, which I'm kind of happy to say are finally done now as of today - January 1st. I need a break! 4 more days off and then back to the grind for Jim and I, though Sarah doesn't return to school until mid-January, except she works all the time.

My 2015 isn't really starting out that great - at the doctors on New Year's Eve and it's going to be a bunch of tests over the coming weeks I'm afraid. See that's the thing about new years... they just bring more of the same old life stuff (and fun stuff too).

Love, Linda