Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Surprise and Anniversay

Wow!  What a trip we've had in just two days. We arrived in Chicago yesterday afternoon. We rented a car and drove two hours south to Uncle Jim and Aunt Linda's house. It was her 50th birthday and we were surprising her. She was very surprised. 

We had a great time at their house. They are wonderful hosts. The made a huge breakfast for us this morning. It was a short and lovely visit. 

This is their two daughters jenny and Sarah. 

We drove to Chicago and check in to our hotel. We headed straight for deep dish pizza. 

It's a little cold in Chicago in November. Below freezing. 

We found this great restaurant / store called Eataly. Like Italy. It's Mario Battali's place and super cool. David was in stinky cheese heaven. 

Tomorrow is more yummy food. Maybe a museum and exploring this awesome city. 


Anonymous said...

So happy to see the great pictures and hear you are habing a blast...and I don't mean of only the cold arctic type. Really so glad all went according to plans.Hope tomorrow is filled with more fin and "fine" food.

Anonymous said...

Two mistakes ...having not habing
And... fun not fin. On the nook I sometimes hit the wrong letters. :)

Linda said...

Hooray!!!! I'm so glad to see your post :D I still can't get over the fact that you traveled all the way here to surprise me. You two are the most amazing people and I'm eternally grateful. Hope you have a super fun day today in one of my favorite cities!!
Love, Linda