Sunday, November 2, 2014


Our Halloween was pretty awesome. The kids love getting dressed up.

Noah was a ninja turtle....again.

Ben was Harry Potter.

Emily was going to be gymnast, but decided it wasn't Halloweeny enough. So, she was an Indian...again.

We went to our friends house first and had a yummy spread with chili and all the fixings.

Here's Em and her friend Alanah, who was a kitty cat.

We went trick or treating and got loads of candy.

We went to another friends for dessert and cocoa.

Then, we came home and crashed.

It was a long, fun, wonderful night!


Linda said...

The makings of a wonderful Halloween for sure! :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics of the kids in their costumes. They were all so fitting. Emily is a beauty in her native costume and Ben looked so much like a young professor while the cutest ninja in town was posing at your front door. Glad they all had a grrat Halloween.