Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Geocaching, Grumpy Cat and Good Chicago Pics

I really need to get back into writing.  Two posts in a month is not good.  

When we were in Chicago, David's cousin, Jenny, was talking to me about geocaching.  I'd heard of it, but didn't really know what it was.  She explained it and I knew the kids would find it fun.  It's like a treasure hunt.  People hide stuff and you have to find it.  There are sometimes little toys in them, which I knew the kids would like.  You take a toy and leave a toy.  

We found some in our neighborhood and headed out the other day.  It was so cold out.  David is the master at geocaching.  We'd all give up after a few minutes and he'd keep looking and finally find it.  This was the kids first ever geocache.  Unfortunately, water got in it and it was mostly mold, but they didn't care.  We found five more and couldn't find two.  The kids had fun and it was something different.

Noah drew this picture of Grumpy Cat. I was dying laughing. It seriously looks just like him.

Now, for a mass of pictures. We took our good camera to Chicago with us, but we didn't take a computer. I knew Ben would be lost without the laptop for 4 days and Emily would feel the same without her tablet. So, we only had our phones. I managed to blog from that, but an iphone picture and a Canon picture are night and day. So, here are the good pictures.

I think I already wrote about the story. So here's pics of the family. After being with David for 12 years, I just met all of them for the first time.

Here are pics from our trek around Chicago. Looks cold, eh?

This is the Bean. The reflection is the coolest.

And this is The Field Museum:

David not enjoying the Egyptian beds.

The view from the museum.

The Sears Tower.

We chose to go to the top of the John Hancock Building instead of the Sears Tower. They are close to the same height and I've been in the Sears tower. I was worried that we were going too late in the day, but it was perfect timing. We did one lap around and it was still daylight. Then, it turned to night and everything was lite up.

In this photo, you can make out the McDonald's right in the middle. Our hotel was right by that.

Navy Pier.

David and I had such a great time!

Ok, in an effort to get me back into blogging, I'm going to attempt to write something every day. Wish me luck!

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Linda said...

Those are such fantastic photos!!! Especially love the one of David and Jim looking at each other and the Chicago ones are excellent! :)

Good for you to continue blogging; I always enjoy reading your posts and keeping up on news.

One minor genealogy note: David & Jenny are actually cousins. Both are children of siblings, so cousins. I actually have cousins that are 80 years old - so 30 years older than me. :)

Love, Linda