Friday, November 28, 2014

Family, Family and More Family

I knew Thanksgiving would be hard without my sister, and it was. But, it was still full of great times, laughter and love. The kids went swimming. The pool was about 60 something degrees, but the kids went in. My brother was filming them.

Here's the smokers.

My nieces.

We played some pool.

Here's Suzy (who cooked a huge delicious feast) and my Mom.

Here's my brother Joe and Scott. Scott is Tiffany's Dad. So, my sister's baby Daddy. :)

Mr bro and my boys.

And how beautiful is the view from my Dad's backyard?

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was so nice to get together with my family and be happy.

Today, we drove to Sedona to spend the day with David's extended family. We had a lovely lunch on the creek in Sedona at a fancy resort. I gave the speech that we were eating somewhere fancy with cloth napkins and real glasses. They were on their best behavior, but as Ben said, "Ok, this is really stepping out of my comfort zone". That kid kills me.

This is Eunice and new baby Kate. Oh my gosh, Asian babies are just the cutest in the world. Kate was so, so good. I mean, she didn't make a peep the entire time.

This is Bill, David and Ben hopped in the picture at the last second.

Then, Noah hopped in. He was feeding the ducks our leftover fries. It was like one for the ducks, two for him...

Here we go, no kids!

Then, we went back to their cottage, so Eunice could feed baby Kate and Noah was posing in this tree.

Oh, he can be a ham alright.

Emily was not cooperating with my photo taking, but she still looks pretty.

Then, we headed back over the mountain home. It was a wonderful afternoon. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much family.

Tomorrow, we decorate for Christmas! I think that is one of the kids' favorite days of the entire year.


Anonymous said...

Great pics! Everyone looks great! Love you! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I am so ticked. I just wrote a nice long comment and I lost it all because I couldn't read the verifying numbers as proof that I am not a robot!!!
I won't try to rewrite it all but I loved all the pics from both occasions and thank you for posting so quickly for me.
Good luck with the decorations today. Sorry I can't be there to hand you the hooks, just about all I could do. Lol, Have fun!

Linda said...

Loved reading all about your Thanksgiving weekend and seeing all of the wonderful photos! :) Thanks for taking the time to blog; I always enjoy it.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

... I forgot to mention, regarding cute Asian babies.... Sarah loves them so much and always said that she planned to adopt asian children when she grew up if she didn't marry an Asian. That always cracked me up.

Love, Linda