Monday, November 17, 2014

48 Hours

We have packed so much into 48 hours. Today started with these huge donuts. 

We needed nourishment for our 2.5 mile walk to the Field Museum. But, we passed The Bean and had to get some photos. It was super cool to see the reflection of the city in the bean. 

The walk took twice as long because we kept stopping for pics. 

We finally made it and saw Sue, the t-Rex. 

The museum was awesome. We could've spent the entire day there. We left after lunch. It was about zero degrees with the wind chill. I was warm but my legs were freezing. 

We walked the 2.5 miles back and went to Portillos. David had a hot dog with everything and I had an Italian beef sandwich. Yum!

Then, we came back to warm up. My little pork chop legs felt like they were in a meat locker. 

We bundled back up and walked the mile to the John Hancock Tower, 95 stories up. Wow!  It was dusk so we walked around once and it looked like day. Our second lap, all the lights were on. It was awesome timing. 

Then we walked another mile to eat at Lou Malnati's. We kept it light with wings, soup, and salad. 

Then, what else do you do when it's below zero outside?  You get frozen custard!  So, we walked a half mile for that. And it was so worth it!

My feet are sore and we are wiped out. We head to the airport in the morning. We had the greatest anniversary. After 11 years of marriage and 12 years together, there is nobody that I'd rather spend my days with. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Love you both! Travel safe. Xo

Piper AndTheKids said...

You two are just adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like an exhausting day, but so glad you had fun and food!
Hope the trip home goes smoothly.

Linda said...

You two certainly had the best time in my favorite place ever and really did pack in a whole ton of fun (and good eats). I love that you walked everywhere (that's always best there) and that you just bundled up and had fun despite of the cold! :) Glad you had such a great time and hope you've made it home safely now or at least are on your way.

Thanks again for visiting us in Illinois!!

Love, Linda