Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a nice weekend.  My Dad and Suzy came up and they took us out to eat for my birthday.  Noah looks done with dinner in this photo.

We went to church and in the kids program, they were talking about some of the amazing stories in the bible.  Ben was so intrigued in David and Goliath and Nebuchadnezzar (thank you Google) that he came home and wanted to make a lego Jesus.  Bens left eye is swollen.  Not sure what was wrong with it, but it's better today.

We usually have bacon every Sunday when we make waffles.  But on Saturday, Ben asked for bacon.  I told him we'll make it on Sunday.  To which he replied, "come on Mom, I won 52 packs!"  How could I turn him down?

 I found this picture on my camera from my birthday.  That was my yummy cheesecake David made me.  We halved the recipe and it looked more like a tart, but it tasted delicious!

We also went out to take our family photos with our friends.  Oh, this is always such a crazy time.  It's chaos and kids being crazy.  But, it certainly is pretty, and I'm always grateful that we took the time to take the pictures.


Linda said...

I love the photos you took on your family photo shoot.

Much love to you all. We really need to visit in person sometime!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I love your little tart cheesecake and the fact that they think you are only 3 or was that one for each child??and one of them that knows there are 52 weeks in a year!
:) Glad you had a beautiful weekend. ♥