Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Great Day

My birthday on Saturday was such a great day.  We don't veer off our normal path too often, so a fun day in Phoenix was awesome.

We headed to my BFF's Mom's house to visit with Baby Keegan.  He belongs to Pam's sister, Katie.  This kid is just adorable.  Ben was freakin' out a little holding him.

Noah LOVES him.  After we left, he kept saying I like Keegan's little feet.  I like Keegan's little hands.  Keegan's little ears are soooo cute.  It's sweet seeing Noah being so sweet.

And Emily will have a babysitting business before too long.  She is so good with him.

Oh, I love this squeeshy kid.  David said he looks like the Gerber baby, and he does!

Me and my BFF, Pam.

Then, we took the kids to my Moms since she was watching them while we went to dinner and the hockey game.  There are some stray cats that live in and around her backyard.  My Mom feeds them.  This was a little kitty that my Mom named Pretty Pretty.  I think Noah played with those cats for hours.

We got to visit with my Aunt Bille and her boys Mike and Rory for a bit.  They were in town visiting and it's been ages since I've seen them.  It was a nice visit.

Then, we went to dinner and the hockey game.  Our seats were awesome!  It was such a good game.  We won in overtime!

Then, we got the kids and drove back up to Prescott.  We were home by 11:00.  It was a wonderful day!

I had seen on the news that Phoenix is getting fogged due to the mosquitos.  They are doing like 100 neighborhoods.  Each time, it's about a mile that they do.  Well, Saturday night, they were doing an area 1/2 mile from my Mom's house which was probably a good thing because this is what Noah's legs looked like the next morning.  He probably had 50-75 mosquito bites.

Ben had maybe 10.  Emily none, but she was wearing pants.  Ben wasn't outside much.  They really liked Noah!  He's better already though.


Linda said...

Keegan is sooooo adorable for sure!!! :)

I'm glad you had such a great birthday; you deserve a wonderful day, every day!

I think we're getting past mosquito time here, but we've had years like that.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh those mosquito bites make me start itching from 2000 miles away. Poor Noah! BUT he does look so sweet with Keegan as does Emily and I think you're right Ben looks completely freaked out or maybe he was afraid Keegan would steal his hand held game and wasn't sure how to get it back??Anyway glad you had such a nice birthday and got to spend time with friends and doing something a little different.

Anonymous said...

Such a whirlwind visit, but so great seeing all of you and sharing Keegan's adorableness with you! Asbfor the mosquito bites - yikes! I was outside for 20 minutes planting flowers and I got about 10-15 on each leg. Noah's are way worse! Poor guy. I hope he's less itchy now. Hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for including us in your bday trip! Xo