Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cali ~ Day 6, Newport Beach Part 3

I tried to get the kids to go for a walk to the end of the pier this morning. They didn't want to. They just wanted to go to the beach. So, we did.

The boys hit the sand looking for, well, I'm not sure what they are doing.
 photo IMG_3969_zps92b212f1.jpg

Noah ran and ran and ran up and down the beach. It was still super crowded, so we had to watch him like a hawk.
 photo IMG_3971_zpsda42aeb0.jpg

Then, David dug a big hole.
 photo IMG_3974_zpse263eec0.jpg

Noah helped.
 photo IMG_3976_zpsdb4d8e8f.jpg

Then, we were eating lunch and Ben lost his front tooth. That makes one for Emily and one for Ben on this trip. They are making the tooth fairy work overtime trying to find us.
 photo IMG_3980_zpsdbed0027.jpg

Ben was bummed and said he hopes his teeth grow in before Christmas because he doesn't want his two front teeth for Christmas.

This hole was really great. You could sit and put your feet in. It was so comfy.
 photo IMG_3985_zpsdfba45be.jpg

And, if Noah misbehaves, we have a place to put him.
 photo IMG_3990_zpscc9d5477.jpg

Then, these people came and set up their huge set up right in front of us. It's called beach etiquette people. If you have that much crap with chairs and everything else, you don't go 15 feet right in front of someone, especially when nobody was 20 feet to our right. My perfect view of the water and my kids looked like this. Can you find my kids? Yeah, me neither.
 photo IMG_3993_zps67da7d9e.jpg

Assholes. Then, they started smoking. I was livid.

So, we moved all our stuff 20 feet to the right while I cussed them out under my breath for about 10 minutes. Then, I felt better and I'm most certain that beach karma will get them. Oh, and to make matters worse, they started playing in the hole David dug! Jerks.

Tomorrow is our last day at the beach. I'm going to set up our spot and then put a towel every 10 feet down to the water. And as the tide rises in the afternoon, I'll just grab another towel and work my way back.

I'd rather have sweet cheeks next to us any day!


Anonymous said...

Another "fun" day at Newport Beach with the good, the bad , and the Ugly things we face in life. I wonder where Noah gets all that energy. It is so funny that Loves to run on the beach and has for years now. I love that Ben doesn't want his two front teeth to be his Christmas gift. He would be the perfect front liner for "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".Emily must have had a good day as she didn't make the news on Sunday... Oh well you've got one more day at Newport , hope it's a good one. ☼

Linda said...

Yes, that sucks when there are sucky people in the world like that!

Glad you still managed to have a good day though and hope today goes much better.

Love, Linda