Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cali ~ Day 5, Newport Beach Part 2

We don't have anything planned for while we are here except hit the beach. Sure, we could take a boat ride where someone would get sick. We could do several other activities too, but my kids just love the beach. So, why not just go to the beach?

Oh, but before I get to that, here's a few photos of our condo from last night.

Master bedroom. We put the fan in the window to draw in the cool air. :)
 photo IMG_3928_zps0dece6c7.jpg

Emily's room.
 photo IMG_3927_zps728d0803.jpg

The boys room.
 photo IMG_3926_zps15813aa9.jpg

Living room.
 photo IMG_3924_zpse7ce0583.jpg

We woke up this morning and went for a 6 mile bike ride. Oh, it was an adventure. Ben is good at riding his bike, but it was like playing frogger on the board walk. There were people everywhere. Some were walking, riding bikes, on roller blades, with their dog. It was crazy. He was totally freaking out and I was freaking out. We'll do it again when it's not so busy. Maybe Monday.
 photo IMG_3929_zps48825a90.jpg

We finished the bike ride and all the kids wanted to do was hit the beach. So, we did.
 photo IMG_3932_zps715797b7.jpg

David and Noah playing chase.
 photo IMG_3938_zps881a5fe3.jpg

Noah tried to surf.
 photo IMG_3953_zpsd20d8f75.jpg

Noah looks like he's out there alone, but David was to his left. He doesn't seem to have a lot of fear this year, which is good.
 photo IMG_3946_zps688704b3.jpg

I tried to boogie board, and I could barely catch any waves. Ben barely does anything and he's riding every wave to shore. I guess it is the 100 pound weight difference. So, I quit and spent some time people watching.

There was the blonde in the thong. Seriously, we have the whole beach and Miss Cheeky sets up right next to us. We are next to the half naked chic with the perfect ass. Great.
 photo IMG_3949_zps78f2d5f7.jpg

Then, these two girls took, I kid you not, about 50 selfies. So much so that while taking one, a wave came and soaked all their stuff. They didn't even notice.  At least there phone was dry.
 photo IMG_3962_zpsa77fe5a1.jpg

This little boy was next to us and had the most impressive afro. I mean this is impressive, no?
 photo IMG_3959_zpsdfa8c55b.jpg

Then, these people dressed in hearts came walking down the beach and hugged random people. David and I were watching them and knew Ben was right in the path. Sure enough, he got a hug. He was like what the heck? Then, they gave him a sucker and told him Jesus loves him.
 photo IMG_3966_zps259c97f0.jpg

I'll give the boogie board a try again tomorrow. But, if not, I hope we'll be camped out next to some more characters.  Well, Miss Cheeky can stay home.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the beach is good fun! I tried to post a comment last night, but sometimes I think my ipad and your blog don't get along!
The little boy with the for is too cute! His hair probably weighs more than he does! I know you'll have more great fun tomorrow, but I agree - sweet cheeks can stay home! Love ya!xo

Anonymous said...

Afro! See, I tried to go back and fix it, but it wouldn't let me. Anywho, that's ok cuz I also wanted to say that the condo looks nice and comfy. Ok, that's it. Xoxo

katie said...

If my butt looked like that I'd wear a thong, too...

Anonymous said...

The condo looks great. too bad about the "No A/C" especially since you hit a really hot time but I see that you guys figured out how to cool it down. Hopefully on Monday there will be less people on the bike path and also less "distractions" on the beach, but all in all it looks like you're having a great time. Please continue for the next few days .☼

Linda said...

You "crack" me up, no pun intended for Miss Cheeks. But seriously, what a funny post. The people watching is incredible and that little boy's hair, lol.

All that aside, I would want to be right there on the beach the whole time as well. Love, love, LOVE the beach, even though I'm not a water sports fan, I just love being there near the water.

Love, Linda