Friday, October 3, 2014

Cali, Day 4 ~ Newport Beach

First let me just say, how wonderful it is to have good wifi again, and my good camera back. Oh long lens how I have missed you. The hotel wifi was awful. It sometimes took an hour to upload 5 photos from my phone. I just uploaded I think 30 pictures in less than 5 minutes. It's the little things you are thankful for when you are deprived for a few days!

We are now in a lovely home in Newport Beach. It's about 7 houses from the sand and really great for our family. I should have taken pictures before we threw our stuff everywhere. But, I'll take some tomorrow since I can't possibly do 30 beach photos a day. Well, maybe I can. The check in time was 4:00 here, but luckily the lady let us have it early since nobody was here. We left our hotel near Disney and drove the 20 minutes to Newport Beach. We unloaded our bikes and got everything situated. Then, we went walking to the closest market to pick up a few things. David and I were funny pointing out all the restaurants we want to try while we are here. The store is only a 6 minute walk, so that was nice and we picked up a meatball and sausage sub on the way back home. Oh, the kids got McDonalds.

Then, we got suits on and hit the beach. The kids went straight to the water.
 photo IMG_3762_zps78433577.jpg

I was surprised Noah wasn't the least bit leery. Last year, he could take or leave the water.
 photo IMG_3763_zps8e5cae62.jpg

Emily swimming.
 photo IMG_3766_zpse09cb6c7.jpg

This area is huge on surfing and Ben was channeling his inner surfer with the board on his head.
 photo IMG_3767_zps488a9fe8.jpg

It was like 90 degrees here today, which apparently is as hot as it gets here because the beach was packed.
 photo IMG_3768_zps9363e4a4.jpg

I love when they get along.
 photo IMG_3770_zps62e27e23.jpg

Here's the other side of the beach, and Ben playing near the Japanese tourists.
 photo IMG_3777_zpsfdcca5ce.jpg

My hubby catching some waves.
 photo IMG_3778_zps92e85841.jpg

I remember four years ago, we took Noah to the beach for the first time. You can read it here. He wouldn't move off the blanket and touch the sand for nothing. Hated, hated, hated the sand. Now, look at him.
 photo IMG_3782_zpsd7f102b1.jpg

 photo IMG_3800_zps47c6b64c.jpg

 photo IMG_3828_zpsf35c95a4.jpg

He would cover himself with sand and then run in the water. One of the great perks of renting a condo is they have all the beach stuff for you. They had that huge purple "hamper" thing full of beach toys, boogie boards, coolers, chairs, umbrellas. We didn't need to bring a thing. I love that!
 photo IMG_3806_zpsefb799d4.jpg

Emily and David riding the waves.
 photo IMG_3812_zps03ad8b60.jpg

David and Noah went looking for seashells.
 photo IMG_3813_zps77e47260.jpg

Then, Ben joined them.
 photo IMG_3823_zps213ee58e.jpg

Emily was happy to do about 50 of these.
 photo IMG_3826_zps70f410fd.jpg

And splits in the water.
 photo IMG_3833_zpsf34205fb.jpg

Ben just loves to run and run and run.
 photo IMG_3836_zpsc04e58e6.jpg

Noah was doing this hysterical thing where he'd dig in the sand like a cat in litter. Even the Japanese tourists thought he was funny.
 photo IMG_3843_zps66d74109.jpg

I'm not sure what Ben was doing here, but he is in his own little world at the beach.
 photo IMG_3851_zps70bf6ec4.jpg

Emily did this to her brother, but he liked it.
 photo IMG_3856_zps23e44d0a.jpg

Noah had sand all over his face. It looked like a 5:00 shadow. Kind of funny, but even after a shower, I'm still trying to get it out if his ears.
 photo IMG_3861_zps45723747.jpg

Noah made "art" out of stuff on the beach.
 photo IMG_3871_zps5905aaf3.jpg

Emily jumping.
 photo IMG_3877_zps7e9d7abe.jpg

And looking pretty.
 photo IMG_3879_zpsa9234ee7.jpg

I mean, how does this feel good? It looks like Ben is wearing sand stockings.
 photo IMG_3882_zpsd5bea5c6.jpg

Noah looking cute.
 photo IMG_3886_zpsfdd77ad2.jpg

Come on Ben, it's the golden hour of light, give me a good smile. Nope.
 photo IMG_3893_zpsc5fde051.jpg

 photo IMG_3894_zpscc17d02e.jpg

I'll take it.
 photo IMG_3896_zps4c50a3ac.jpg

Ben looked like he had a mustache and beard.
 photo IMG_3923_zpsefc18db8.jpg

We stayed at the beach until the sun went down almost. Then, we came back and grilled some chicken breasts with salad. We have nothing on the agenda for the next three days. Just go to the beach! Sounds perfect.


Anonymous said...

Wow , here I am #1 to make a comment.. I do have to admit that I got a heads up on this one. It looks like your first day at the beach was a huge success. Noah definitely seems to be enjoying himself as well as Ben and Emily who have loved the beach forever. I'm glad they are all able to have that experience and at the same time feel comfortable around the ocean.I hope the weather holds up and that it is not too hot and humid. The time will pass quickly though and I hope you all get a chance to relax and have fun before that long drive ( are we there yet) back home!☼


Alanah Sutton said...
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Alanah Sutton said...

Was the water cold it doesn't look like it because half of there body was in it :).Wow Noah actually went in the water that is surprising because he didn't even touch the water last year. Hope you guys are having fun tell Emily that I miss her!!!

From, Alanah

Linda said...

Yes, the real camera makes a huge difference! Great photos!!
Love, Linda