Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cali, Day 3 ~ California Adventure

We spent the day today in California Adventure.  I wasn't sure how today would go.  It was almost 100 degrees.  I half thought we'd come back to the hotel for a few hours, but as it turns out, it wasn't that bad.  All the rides are shaded or in air conditioned areas.  It wasn't bad at all.  That being said, we drank 6 .5 liters of bottle water, 10 24-ounce cups of water, a 32 oz coke, 32 oz Lemonade and 5 juice boxes.  And, we only peed 3 times.  I'd say we were sweating. 

Okay, to our day....we headed straight for the Cars ride.  This was the ride we tried to get on two years ago.  It broke right before we got on. At first temporarily, then they said indefinitely.  Needless to say, the boys were mad.  But, here we were praying it wouldn't break before we got on it.  And it didn't.  This is a GREAT photo.  That's what happens when you leave your fancy camera at home.  I tried using flash and it wasn't any better.  Oh well, I really just wanted to cool rock. You know what my kids look like.

We only had to wait 35 minutes which in Cars land, nothing short of a miracle.  Let me just say, it was AWESOME!!!!  WE all loved it.

Then, we split up for a few minutes.  David doesn't do well with spinning or upside down stuff, so I get stuck with those.  So, while David took Noah to the carousel, I took Emily and Ben on California Screaming.  The upside down super fast roller coaster.  I have a picture of Emily and I right before her first roller coaster, so I had to take one with Ben. You can see mine and Em's picture here.  Wow, just looking at that post and the great pictures makes me wish I would've taken my fancy camera.  But, I swear it was so nice not lugging it around.

Ben was totally nervous.  It was great.

Then, we met back up with David for the Toy Story ride.  This one is super fun and competitive and David wins every time.

Then, we did more rides.  David actually went on this one with Emily and Ben.  Noah didn't want to go.

We rode more stuff.  Noah LOVED Soaring Over California.  It was so nice going on things with our whole family.  For 10 years, I haven't ridden a roller coaster with my husband.  One of us was always on the side doing baby swap.  Now, that Noah is older, there was so much we could all do together.  It was great.  Plus, I got to hear my hubby scream like a girl on some rides!  That's always fun.

I took the kids on Tower of Terror.  They had never been.  That's what is so great.  We come here every few years and with that they grow a half a foot, and a whole new set of rides opens up for them.  So, each time it's new.  I was having more fun watching the kids than watching the ride.  I think Ben and Emily were ready to get off at this point.

They went on this Goofy roller coaster 6 times.  Three times in a row, then another three times later. There wasn't a wait, so why not.  After the fourth time, Noah started putting his hands up.  The little daredevil.

The kids get to pick out a souvenir.  Noah wanted this goofy and he got a Mickey too.

I didn't get a picture of Emily's, but she grabbed the cute little peas in a pod from Toy Story.  And Ben wanted a personalized Mickey hat.

Then, we stayed for the World of Color light show.  We've never seen it.  Usually, when the park is open late, this show is at like 9:30 and 10:30 which is too late for tired little kids and tired parents.  But, tonight it was at 8:15.  We can handle that.  It was so good.  Here's Noah on David's shoulders.  As our friend said, it puts the Bellagio fountain in Vegas to shame.

And that was our day.  We went on almost 25 rides today.  It was probably our best Disney trip ever.  The kids did great. The lines were minimal and the fun was abundant. Disney never disappoints.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome day! Happy to hear everyone's having a great time!
Auntie Pam xo

Linda said...

So true, Disney never disappoints even for those who don't ride much of anything (me) :) I just love being at Disney, though I've only been to the Florida version. ;)

I'm glad we are in agreement over the phone pictures, lol. So many people talk about what great pictures their iphones take and I'm always like "No, you're wrong", lol. To me, phone pictures can never take the place of real cameras, but I'm like you - I don't always want to lug it around with me, so the phone camera comes in handy.

Hope you have a great remainder of your trip!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So sorry I haven't been making my comments the past two days but I will go back. I have never been to California Adventure but it looks like a few of the rides from the other Disney Parks . Anyway I am glad your strategy for early vacation break seems like it worked in so far as getting on rides is concerned. I am really surprised that you actually got David on some of those rides. Glad he survived the experience. :)
I guess today you are probably off to the beach anyway I will wait and see tomorrow where you've been today. Thanks so much for keeping us informed and happy that you are having a great vacation. ☼.

Dakri said...
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Dakri said...

I new Emily was going to go on tour of terror. Did she like it?

From, Alanah

Dakri said...
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Marci Deegan said...

Your trip to Cali looks so fun, judging by the ear-to-ear smiles of everyone. It's nice that you were able to take the plunge again and rode on something that really gets one some good adrenaline rush. That scene with your hubby sure cracked me up, though. Hahaha! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your adventures! I hope you get to enjoy more of those.

Marci Deegan @ Twin Pines