Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cali, Day 2 ~ Disneyland

Eeee gads this internet is awful! With a room right above the office, I was hoping for more. But, I guess I'm not here to be on the internet. But, our fans want to know how our day was. That would be you Grandma Suzy, Grammie Gwynne, and the tranny Granny. :)

So, today was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so worried that we only had 10 hours ad Disneyland and it would be enough. Well, it's never enough. There are 100's of things we could've done that we didn't, but for the most part, we got it what we wanted. They closed at 6 tonight, so we got there right at 8. You can tell, it wasn't very crowded yet.

 photo IMG_9479_zps4d48bed8.jpg

 photo IMG_94821_zps3235d8be.jpg

So, we headed right for Indiana Jones since it's closed a lot. Ben had never been on it because last time he wasn't tall enough. So, David took Em and Ben. Noah and I could've done something else, but we just hung out on the rocks watching the stray cats. I had read that there are hundreds of stray cats at Disney that come out at night and catch mice. Noah was mad that the kitty didn't want to play with him.
 photo IMG_1787_zps307eefc4.jpg

But, he wasn't made for long.
 photo IMG_1788_zpse9a8750a.jpg

Some, Ninja Turtle fruit snacks cheered him up.
 photo IMG_1790_zps4fbc1dfe.jpg

And kisses from Mom.
 photo IMG_1791_zps84d63cc6.jpg

I know these pictures aren't the greatest. The quality isn't like my digital camera and they are a little blurry, but I'll tell you something. It was so nice leaving the big camera at the hotel. It was great to just grab my phone out of my pocket and take a photo. Way, way better than lugging that thing all over Disney.

Then, we went to Splash Mountain. We walked right on. Normally, there are tons of people in the loading lines. It was just us.
 photo IMG_9484_zps9c10ae4e.jpg

This is the photo from our ride. These always make me laugh.
 photo IMG_1793_zps40dd6919.jpg

Then, we spent the day riding rides. It was so awesome, and my plan to avoid huge crowds worked perfectly. Most stuff was walk right on or 5-10 minutes. We waited 30 for Peter Pan and 30 for Nemo, but those rides are always about that long. No matter what. Everything else we pretty much got right on. By 1:00 we had done everything we really wanted to, so then we did our favorites again.

After Pirates of the Caribbean, we came out of the bathroom and turned and saw Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. My kids LOVE that movie. I yelled to Sally that we love her and Jack turned and said, "so do I". It was cute.
 photo IMG_9491_zps5edf63d1.jpg

Then, I realized the boys weren't out of the bathroom and they were going to miss them. But, they came a second later and Ben ran to catch up with them.

 photo IMG_9493_zps44375b86.jpg

Sorry, the pictures stink. I just whipped out my iphone and was running behind Ben.

Then, while David took Ben and Emily on the bobsleds again, Noah and I rode the carousel.
 photo IMG_9498_zps1467337d.jpg

He looked so cute. Again, it's blurry. He was moving. I was moving. But, he was having a ball.
 photo IMG_9501_zps3af23d9a.jpg

Then, he wanted to ride the teacups. Oh good God, two spinning rides in a row.
 photo IMG_9502_zps26a726d4.jpg

He was so sweet on this ride. We were spinning, and he thought he was making me go faster. I was acting like I was about to vomit, which didn't require much acting. He thought it was hysterical. And I thought, I always want to remember him in this moment. The sun was going down so the perfect golden light was on his face. He was laughing and when Noah laughs, his eyes smile and he's just about the most precious thing I've ever seen.
 photo IMG_9505_zps723acf89.jpg

Then, we went on our last ride, Nemo. We were all tired, but Emily was really done. Her feet hurt of something that was causing girl drama. I don't know if I was like that when I was her age, but all I thought was girl, get over it. Unless, your feet are bleeding, suck it up. Her Dad bailed her out with a piggy back ride and he ran and got the car while we sat and we drove straight to Red Robin. I think she was 20% hurting feet and 80% tired and hungry. But, she found her smile in a milkshake.
 photo IMG_9508_zpsac9c47e8.jpg

It's always hiding in there. Next time, we'll look there first.

We had some chicken fingers and fries leftover which we boxed up. On the way home, we passed the bus stop outside of our hotel. Emily commented that the same homeless man was still there. We saw him last night on our walk. I had told her he was homeless. He probably sleeps in the grass outside our hotel every night and everything he owns is in that duffel bag. So, we decided to give him our leftover dinner. We all walked over and gave it to him. He was a nice man and was happy to have a meal instead of the snack size bag of Doritos that he had sitting there. I hope they remember that sort of stuff. We all need to give and receive goodness sometimes.

Tomorrow is a day at California Adventure. It doesn't open until 10:00, so we get to relax and take it easy in the morning. The only problem, it's suppose to be 97 degrees. It was 83 today and we thought it was hot. This ought to be interesting. Interesting or awful. I'm on the fence right now.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a super, fun day! Milkshakes do make everything better, I agree. And Noah - adorbs. Nuff' said. Xo
Auntie Pam
PS - Ben's face on Splash Mountain, priceless. (You, too). Xo

Linda said...

What a wonderful day! : ) Loved your photos, but I feel the same way about my phone pictures, I'm never happy with them because they're always so blurry, and like you, I'm used to my good camera. But like you, there are times it's nicer to not have to lug a camera around and just be in the moment.

Hope today goes well for you also. That was such a sweet thing you did for the homeless man.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by most. Yes, Emily I could see that you must have shed a few tears over those sore feet but the milk shake is a cure all for that. Noah looks so happy with all except the cat rejection , love the pictures in the tea cup ride and you are right, Mom, he does have the most gorgeous eyes. Love that picture you specifically mentioned. I hope that homeless man enjoyed his chicken strips and fries and that the kids did get to have a feeling of knowing how fortunate they are. Sometimes that message escapes them in their effort to make the man's life a little better. Anyway looked like a great day. ☼

Gina said...

Looks as though you are having a great, wait....BLAST!Gina, you cracked me up on that one mountain maybe? You were really into it and Ben looked as though he had seen a ghost! Noah is an absolute handsome little fella! I hope this will post. I am reading blog everyday to see how much fun the kids (YOU):0) are having, so thank you for posting. I know how busy (and tired) you must be but we appreciate it! Love you all!
From, Grandma Suzy :)