Friday, October 31, 2014

Around Our House

Last Monday, October 20th, my sister, Tammy, passed away.  She was 45.  She battled drug addiction her entire life and her body just quit.  I want to write a well thought out post about my sister, but I just can't yet.  It's been a rough 11 days.

So, onto other news around our house because the world keeps on turning despite my sorrow.

First, the kids got their report cards.  Emily got Prinicpal's List, all A's.

Ben got Honor Roll.  He missed Principal's List with only one B+ in expresses complete thoughts.  Funny, because I would think that would be an area Ben would get an A+ at, but I'd give Ben an A+ in everything.
They don't do assembly's for the kids until they reach third grade, so this was Ben's first.  He was super excited to get a ribbon.

And.....Ben lost ANOTHER tooth.  He lost six I think in about 6 months.  This one was almost tragic.  Ben had a pair of nunchucks in his mouth and Noah pulled them.  The tooth, which was already loose, came out and Ben couldn't find it.  It was lost in the sofa somewhere.  He was all worried the tooth fairy wouldn't come if we couldn't find the tooth.  I moved cushions very slowly and there it was, under a seat cushion.  Thank goodness it didn't fall any farther or we never would have found it.

He looks like a Jack O Lantern.

We carved our pumpkins last night.  My kids like doing this, but aren't super into it, so I bought two pumpkins.  One to carve, and one to keep out as decoration through Thanksgiving.  But, Emily had to have her own when she saw this owl template we had.  So, we carved them both.  The kids helped.

They helped for about two minutes.  Then, they went to watch Charlie Brown's Halloween and it was up to David and I.

Ben and Noah agreed on eyes, nose and mouth.  Noah is learning shapes, so he said he wanted the rhombus nose.  Impressive.

And here's Emily's owl.

Noah's classroom had a pumpkin party today before school.  Since David almost always drops them off for school, he got to go.  I was glad since I'm in the classroom often, and it's nice for him to go and get to be with Noah.

They were pumpkin parents for a day and had to take care of their pumpkins.

Tonight is Halloween, and the kids are super excited to dress up.  Ben is being Harry Potter.  Noah is a ninja turtle, same as last year.  And Emily is a gymnast.  I did not spend a penny on Halloween costumes this year.  I love that.

We are also having a fun night with our friends.  A chili and mummy dog party before.  Then, trick or treating.  Then, smores and a bonfire in the culd de sac after.  FUN!


Linda said...

Again, I'm so, so sorry about your sister. :( Take all the time you need to grieve and know that we love you.

The other news is all great, the kids doing well in school, Halloween preparations, lots of fun. That's great that you didn't have to spend money on costumes, I don't think that ever happened to me with Sarah because she always wanted to be something different and always wanted a bought costume. This year, she and Dakota are dressing up, because you know - they're in college and there are parties - but she has to work bright and early in the morning at the bank, so it can't be that wild of a night.

Me - I'll be sitting at home by myself handing out candy until Jim gets home from his long work commute. It will be one of the quietest Halloweens we've had in years, but that's okay. After last weekend, I'm ready just for a quiet weekend.

Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

I'm so sorry about your sister {{{{{{soft hugs}}}}}}}

Anonymous said...

Gina, I know it was probably hard to write this post but I am so proud of you that you were able to make the move to continue with news about your kids and family. Great to know that the kids are doing so well school wise and are having some acknowledgement of their accomplishments Congrats to both Emily and Ben . Grammie and Grampie are so proud of them both. We are also so proud of Noah to know he is learning so much in school. I would have had a tough job with that rhombus shape myself. Pumpkin carving turned out great. Hope the evening went well and all had fun . In the meantime looking forward to more exciting or not so exciting news from your part of the world.