Friday, September 26, 2014

White Cake Plates

I've followed several blogs for years.  They are on the bottom right of this blog.  There is one in particular that I adore.  It's a Mom in Phoenix who seems like she has it together.  Well, more together than me.  She sews.  She bakes.  She collects white cake plates for the love of God.

I always think I need to take her ideas and put them into action at my own house.  But, I don't know.  I just never seem to find time to walk around my home and redesign a corner of the house to a perfect craft corner with crayons and markers hung in perfect tin cups on the wall.  Our craft table is a banquet table that I lugged in from the garage complete with folding chairs.  Because that's just how I roll.  I'm okay with that.  Kind of.

I was mentioning this to my friend Heidi will we were swimming one day.  I told her I think I need to start with a white cake plate and everything will start to fall in to place.  So, low and behold, Heidi brings me an early birthday gift last week.  How sweet was that?  It was begging for pumpkin muffins.

Which come to find out is Noah's favorite new food.  He had 9 of those mini muffins that night.  At least it has some vegetables in it, right?

Now, I'm going to work on not yelling at my kids as much.  It's just they annoy the heck out of me sometimes.  I think I start most days off in a great mood.  Then, I don't know what happens.  They bicker about nothing or Noah throws himself on the floor because I picked out socks that don't match his outfit as well as the gray pair that he's worn for three days in a row.  He wants the gray pair.  Fine, put on the gray pair.  They could walk on their own at this point.  He's very particular about his clothes and matching.

In any case, I've tried yelling at them or grounding them or just putting on headphones.  None of it works really.  I've been watching a lot of 19 Kids and Counting.  That woman has patience unlike anything I've ever seen.  So, I'm going to channel my inner Michelle Duggar and find a different way to deal with them. What would Michelle Duggar do?  I can guarantee it's not scream at her kids at the top of her lungs.  She'd probably hug them.  I'll try that.

And if it doesn't work, I'll bake some muffins for my pretty white cake plate.


Anonymous said...

Wow 9 pumpkin muffins even if they are mini sounds like a lot to me. ☺... I was just thinking Noah made your blog twice in two days, I guess he is making his place in your heart secure, so you'll let him get away with wearing grey socks everyday. Guess he needs a few more pairs of grey socks? anyway love your new plate Your friend has good taste and proves she was listening to you. Hope it enjoys many more batches of muffins, cupcakes, pumpkin rolls or what ever else you may come up with. and BTW I think you sell yourself short you are one of the more organized moms I've ever met. ♥

Linda said...

Such a sweet blog post! Love it.

Love, Linda