Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Swimming and Flowers

The kids get out an hour early from school every Wednesday.  Usually, we wait to go to the pool until after dinner, but today, we decided to go early.  The pool was cool and it was so warm outside.  It was lovely.  We had the pool to ourselves too for awhile.

You know how some guys bring their wives flowers for no reason?  And you think, wow, how sweet, their Mama must have trained them right.  Well, I now know it has nothing to do with their Mama.  Some guys are just like that.  And Noah is one of those guys.  He picks flowers (weeds) for me all the time.  Everywhere we go, he is looking at the ground trying to find me a flower to pick.

The sweetest thing is that when he gets out of school.  I pick him up at the gate and he reaches in his pocket and pulls out flowers he got me at recess.  I love this.  It means he is thinking about me during the day.  I think that's one of the nicest things anybody has ever done for me.  To know that someone thinks about you like that.  He's the sweetest.

Emily told me today that she went out to recess and she saw Noah walking around the playground looking for something.  She stopped to ask what he was doing and he was upset because he couldn't find me a flower.  Then, she helped him find one.

After we went swimming this afternoon, Noah stopped to pick me a flower.  Again.  :)


Piper AndTheKids said...

That is the sweetest thing :)

Linda said...

That is so, so sweet!!! : )

I'm in awe that while you guys get to enjoy swimming, we hear will be in the midst of closing up our pool for the winter season. Guess that's why you live where you do and we are in the arctic Illinois prairie, lol.

It's very nice out right now here though - upper 70s, low 80s for highs and sunshine every day with no rain, so we're enjoying it while it lasts.

Have a nice weekend (I'm writing that now because it's my Friday)! :)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Noah is such a sweetie, cutie patootie! You're a lucky mama!
Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

Love Noah's thoughtfulness for his Mom. I'd say you have two son's that LOVE their Mom. very sweet and certainly a memory worth saving. ☼