Monday, September 22, 2014

Picture Day

Today is picture day at school. It's Noah's first one. I told him to smile and show his teeth, but if his pics have this smile, I'll totally love them. 

Noah was insistant that he button his shirt all the way up just like Ben likes to. I'm not sure why he does that but whatevs. 


Linda said...

They are so precious. :) I'm sure the photos will be great, or as great as can be, lol, since well - we all know school photos. ;) Some years of mine and/or Sarah's were good, and other years, not so good (why didn't the photographer ask you to brush your hair that was sticking up, Sarah?)... just kidding, but they are all loved photos just the same. :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the newest pictures when they are available. I know the kids will all 3 be so cute.
It looks like Ben has started growing a bit in the past few months. Actually it will be so much better to see them in real life. Come on Christmas, hurry up!