Monday, August 25, 2014

Staying Busy

Now that I have 7 hours a day without kids, I think I could easily get sucked back into Young and the Restless and other daytime TV.  But, the kids are starting week four of school and I have to say that I've only turned on the TV to listen to Pandora or to watch Breaking Bad reruns when I unload the dishwasher and eat lunch.  

I'm glad I have a job and it keeps me busy.  

I'm glad I can volunteer in the kids' classrooms.  Last week, I was in Ben's class and he wrote about his life.  I was dying when I got to this picture of his neighborhood.  You can tell we don't think too highly of our neighbors to the right, since Ben called them "useless neighbors".  The guy on the left is always home, has a BMW and landscapers.  I guess that makes him a lazy rich guy.   I was cracking up. 

This picture of Noah had me cracking up too.  He's a riot and so flippin' cute.  He's learning so quickly and surprising me on what he is picking up.  He's smart!

And here is how I spend about four mornings a week.  I swim 70 laps which is 1 mile.  I have to get there by 8, so I'm done by 9 when the water aerobics ladies get there.  I love it.  The first 20 laps, I think I may die.  But, then I get 30 and 40 done and I realize I'm not dying.  Then, I'm in the homestretch.  I love pushing off the wall and coasting through the blue water.

Between cleaning, work, couponing, swimming, volunteering and running errands, I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to get everything done.  But, I'm enjoying myself!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you're happy and loving life! Ben is hysterical! Love you!

Anonymous said...

What an energetic way to start the day... swimming 1 mile before 9am. I know you are ALWAYS on the move. I never see you just resting.
Interesting to see Ben's perspective on his neighbors and as for Noah I'm sure he is busy trying to live up to his Grandfather's name for him. (Know it all)I hear everyday about how smart he is. :)
Keep up the good work , all of you.