Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bringing Home the Bacon

If you know my boys, you know they LOVE bacon. We cook an entire pack every week for waffle Sunday and they eat the entire thing. There are probably 12-15 pieces and David, Emily and I are lucky to get a piece each. Our local grocery store was doing a contest to submit your bacon art and win free bacon for a year. I noticed the entries were low, so I told Ben to come up with something. He came up with Bacon Bread Boys and even came up with the little saying. I made it into a collage and submitted it.

Fry's picked the top 15 and from there it was up to the six pictures with the most "likes" on Facebook. I solicited everyone I could think of to vote and even promoted it twice on my work's Facebook page. It worked! We came in second overall, and that means we get free bacon for a year and 2 tickets to a Coyotes game! David is excited about the Coyotes tickets. I'm excited about the bacon.

So, yea for us!!! Let's see, we can make bacon potatoes, bacon shrimp, bacon butter, bacon waffles, bacon kabobs.... We'll be like Forest Gump, but with BACON!


Piper AndTheKids said...

Izzy is my bacon fiend :) she would eat nothing but bacon if she could!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Ben and Noah! You did it guys :)
Looking forward to a slice or two on my next visit.

Anonymous said...

Everything is better with bacon, for sure! Way to go boys (and mom)! I'm happy to help you eat that bacon any time!
Auntie Pam