Sunday, August 17, 2014

Around Our House

Things have been really busy around here. The first few weeks of school, Grampie visiting, Noah's birthday, Emily's early birthday party, my new found love for swimming laps, volunteering at school. I haven't come up for air yet.

Grampie left this morning. He was here for 12 days. We all enjoyed his company. The kids enjoyed dinner outside with him too!
 photo IMG_3687_zps70370f44.jpg
 photo IMG_3693_zps159adfde.jpg

Ben came running out of school last week super excited. He lost his front tooth. I've been waiting for those ones because I wanted to see him look all jack o lantern cool. His bottom ones came out, but his big ones were already there pushing them out. Now, he looks like this when he smiles.
 photo IMG_3679_zps695eeede.jpg

 photo IMG_3681_zps7ba26dba.jpg

I also helped in the kids' class. How cute is Noah?

We were trying to do away with big parties for the kids. But somehow, Emily and her BFF decided they wanted a joint party. She had fun and that's all that matters I suppose.
 photo IMG_3586_zps0d2eb92f.jpg

It was an owl theme.
 photo IMG_3589_zps69eae145.jpg
 photo IMG_3590_zps77af6269.jpg

The girls painted owls. They each had two. Emily took so much time with hers that she only got one done.
 photo IMG_3598_zps790bacee.jpg
 photo IMG_3608_zps76488bb2.jpg
 photo IMG_3613_zps977886c6.jpg

Emily got lots of owl things.
 photo IMG_3627_zpsf41d31ad.jpg
 photo IMG_3642_zps96be33f1.jpg

And other goodies...
 photo IMG_3630_zpsc53e45f2.jpg
 photo IMG_3636_zpsc90c8343.jpg

They got matching owls.
 photo IMG_3647_zpsaefa95f9.jpg

Here are the girls with one of their finished owls.
 photo IMG_3667_zpsfdaa434e.jpg

Then, I drove all the girls to a yogurt shop where they get to add their own toppings. Boy oh boy, was that a loud car ride!
 photo IMG_3671_zpsb2360332.jpg
 photo IMG_3674_zps70497cca.jpg

And now, I'm ready to start a new week. I think...


Anonymous said...

It certainly has been a busy time for you the past few weeks but now you can heave a big sigh and sit back and relax or swim a few laps. Thanks so much for taking care of Grampie as well as all the other things you've had to do. Being there to see Noah turn 5 was a happy event for him. Now that you're home is back to normal, take some time for you!

Anonymous said...

That should be " your home"... Sorry!